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Ninth In the World

Author: Goose Five

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Updated: 2021-10-01 22:57:52

Latest chapter: 871 Complete Extermination

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《Ninth In the World》Latest chapter
871 Complete Extermination
870 The Bei Family of the Supreme Bei Celestial Ocean
869 Establishing A Sec
868 A Fine Line Between Victory and Defea
867 The Battle of Laws
866 Dark Law
865 Rallying to One's Call
864 The Starry Sky Saber Sec
863 A Realm as Foundation
862 I Know Who That Is
861 Yin Yueshu's Cry for Help
860 Asking Di Jiu for Assistance
《Ninth In the World》' main text
871 Complete Extermination
870 The Bei Family of the Supreme Bei Celestial Ocean
869 Establishing A Sec
868 A Fine Line Between Victory and Defea
867 The Battle of Laws
866 Dark Law
865 Rallying to One's Call
864 The Starry Sky Saber Sec
863 A Realm as Foundation
862 I Know Who That Is
861 Yin Yueshu's Cry for Help
860 Asking Di Jiu for Assistance
859 Dao Lord Po Xu
858 The Heaven-Opening Mantra vs. the Primeval Finger
857 The Enemy Came
856 The Business Grew Big
855 The Origin of the Mountain Gaze Forbidden Zone
854 The Mountain Gaze Restauran
853 The Great Divine Power of the Five Degenerations
852 The Great Calamity Ar
851 The Astonishing Dharma Treasure Fragmen
850 A Cultivator Dying of Old Age
849 The Historical Ruins of Dao Lord Indefinite
848 The Ocean Between the Two Realms
847 The Dharma Treasure of Civilized Legacy
846 Being Friends with Sacred Lord Green Lotus
845 A Lotus Seed
844 Leaving the Lost Dao World
843 Exchanging the Dharma Treasure
842 Meeting Shang Huijue Again
841 Di Jiu's Heaven-Opening Mantra
840 Don't Ask Someone to Act Against Their Wishes
839 Solitary Void Without Yin and Yang
838 The Green Lotus of Creation
837 Temporarily Canceling the Battle
836 Letting Go of All Reservations
835 The Strange Lost Dao City
834 The Six Realms in the Wheel of Life
833 The Heaven-Opening Mantra
832 The Heaven-Opening Writing Brush and the Book of Life and Death
831 Why Be So Arrogant?
830 The Lost Dao City's City Lord
829 Fighting With a Group of Dao Integration Experts
828 A City of Homebodies
827 A Perfected Primordial Chaos Exper
826 The Statue Outside the Starry Sky Immortal City
825 Terrifying Thunder
824 The Consequence of Daring to Exterminate the Immortal Lake Sec
823 Xiuqi's Former Sec
822 Your Dao Runes Are In Disorder
821 A Terrifying Law Cluster
820 Nong Xiuqi's World
819 The Lost Dao World's Origin
818 The Lost Dao World
817 May I Know Where Is This?
816 Soul-searching
815 What Is Her Name?
814 I Heard You Have a River and Mountain Kettle
813 Your Name Is Zhong You?
812 Do Your Parents Know?
811 The Second Dao Integration Expert in the Dao World
810 Bei Yingshu's Gif
809 A Burning Anxiety
808 Di Jiu Will Avenge Her
807 Bei Yingshu's Plead
806 Level-Nine Divine Array Emperor
805 How to Sever the Dark Sift Steel
804 Dao Lord Valley
803 My Name Is Bei Yingshu
802 Facing A Plo
801 The Dao Condensation
800 Eccentric
799 What Are You?
798 Xian Cang's Plea For Help
797 The Chaos Wooden Zither
796 A Battle With Xing Xi
795 Not Knowing What Death Is
794 You're Wrong, I'm a Weapon Sain
793 Xing Xi's Gif
792 Xing Xi's Patience
791 Xing Xi Obstructing the Path
790 What’s Her Name?
789 The Xian Ocean
788 Sullen Gou Wansheng
787 Going Further
786 The Heavenly Union Dao Pagoda
785 Martial Arts Breakthrough
784 News About the Chaos Realm
783 The Heaven's Beyond Is Under My Control
782 Killing Four Dao Integration Cultivators With One Saber Move
781 Returning to Heaven's Beyond
780 Yu Xiangbing's Plea
779 Mo Ge's Fury
778 Ling Xiaoshuang Is Missing
777 The Seven-Chakra King's Choice
776 It's Enough to Have a Death Wish Once
775 Di Jiu Is Here
774 The Saber Move that Traversed Space
773 Waiting
772 The Seven-Chakra King
771 Entering the Land of Seven Chakras
770 The Land of Seven Chakras
769 The Hell Whirlpool
768 There Is Still the Taijitu
767 How Long Is a Moment?
766 Taking Back the Heavenly Aqua Saber
765 Fighting Firs
764 The Dao Integration Expert of the Mo Family
763 Revisiting the Mo Clan
762 Rescuing Yu Xiangbing
761 The Third-Step Expert of the Mo Family
760 The Innocuous Realm's Mo Family
759 My Name Is Ye Yimo
758 Existing Is Dao
757 Equal
756 You Are Not Wise
755 A Place Called Jia He Town
754 Ten Sunset Peaches
753 The Quiet Mountain Village
752 The Mortal Plane
751 The Reincarnation Wooden Bridge
750 You Came Here for the Sake of Reincarnation
749 The Quintessential Essence of the Universe
748 Destroying the God Manor
747 I Will Count to Three
746 Entering Heaven's Beyond
745 You Have Two Choices
744 He's Called Di Jiu
743 The Skeleton Within the Array Foundation
742 Where Did She Come From?
741 The Nie Plane
740 The Only Survivor
739 Get Los
738 The Power of the Dao Fire
737 Which Planet Is This?
736 Real or Fake Dao Integration
735 Ripping Apart the Winter Valley's Defense Array
734 The Two-Realm Flower Really Exists
733 Don't Blame Me for Being Rude
732 Recuperation
731 I Understand
730 Di Jiu's Guess
729 The Chaos Realm
728 The Enthusiastic Winter Valley
727 Could We Still Chat Pleasantly?
726 Di Jiu's Alchemy
725 Downgrading Myself
724 The Fight for the Alchemy Dao
723 My Surname Is Ling
722 Birds of the Same Feather
721 The Winter Valley
720 The Size of a Spare Tire
719 Why Are You Asking Around About Me?
718 The Origin
717 The Heavenly Moon Sacred Dao City
716 The Great Ultimate Realm
715 Lost in the Void
714 Lan Ru's Cry For Help
713 A Battle With Jiang Dai
712 Why Ask A Stupid Question?
711 An Inevitable Clash Between Enemies
710 The Replacement of the Spirit Origin
709 I'm Not Discussing With You
708 With Only One Saber Move
707 You Have To Agree
706 Unexpected Refusal
705 Meeting Old Friends
704 The Powerful Worms
703 The Worm Protectorate
702 Zhen Man's Endless Opportunities
701 The Kun Peng Clan's Plans
700 How Could You Be So Stupid?
699 The Predator Becomes Prey
698 Scheming Against Di Jiu
697 Magnanimous
696 Returning to the Void City
695 Missing The Opportunity Again
694 The Scattered Cloud-Sweeping Wind and the Order Severance
693 The Expert From the Kun Peng Clan
692 Sullen Fan Yuan
691 I'm Called Jiao Da
690 You're Lying
689 Please Help with a Small Matter
688 The Union Master of the Sacred Dao Union
687 The Advancement Requirement of the Dao Fire
686 A Quick Repayment of the Deb
685 Di Jiu Settles the Score
684 The Terrifying Presence of the Human Clan
683 The Most Precious Item at the Auction
682 The Danger of the Realm
681 Arrogant Xiang Mu
680 A Piece of the Ancient Tree Fragmen
679 The Black Lotus
678 A Huge Matter
677 Uneasy Tang Xitan
676 The Ownership of the Green Lotus
675 Who Will Emerge Victorious Remains To Be Seen
674 The Real Intention Is Revealed in the End
673 Opening the Array
672 Give Me the Five-Element Flags
671 The Green Lotus Is Right Before Your Eyes
670 Advancement of the Array Dao
669 The Ancient Array Pattern
668 Massacring the Castle
667 I Promise They Can't Go
666 The Green Lotus
665 The Thing that Tang Xitan Wanted
664 The White Melted Planet Metal
663 The Strict Rules of the Thousand Bamboo Void Island
662 The Thousand Bamboo Void Island
661 Killing Another Primordial Chaos Exper
660 Fighting a Primordial Chaos Exper
659 Killing With One Fist Move
658 Lightning's Powerful Origins
657 The Power of the Void City
656 Arriving in the Void City
655 The Perfect World
654 Reaching the Second Step
653 The Cultivation Partners Fighting in the Void
652 The Location of the Void City
651 The Two Women
650 Time Flies in the Void
649 Tearing Apart the Realm
648 Di Xinren
647 Scheming Against Jiang Dai
646 Jiang Dai Is Still Here
645 Refining the Void Mountain
644 Xu Baishang In Pursui
643 The Absolute Jade Tincture Dao Frui
642 The First Business
641 Bleak Business
640 Destroying the Surplus Ocean Elixir Dispensary
639 The Surplus Ocean Elixir Dispensary
638 Call Jiang Dai Over
637 The Void Ocean
636 Dao Transformation
635 Opposite the Search Lake
634 The Way out of the Search Lake
633 How Come You're Still Alive?
632 No One Can Take Them Away
631 We May Not Have Been Born on the Same Day But We May Die on the Same Day
630 The Search Lake
629 Don't Anger Me
628 Wealthy Jiang Dai
627 Di Jiu's Techniques
626 There Is a Dao Integration Cultivator in the Vast Pure Sacred Sec
625 Di Jiu Is Not Pleased
624 Perfected Dao Birth
623 A Dao Modeling Alchemy Sain
622 A Sacred Body
621 Jiang Dai's Anger
620 Jiang Dai's Marriage Proposal
619 The Dao Fruit Garden
618 A Level-Four Divine Array King
617 Di Jiu's Dao Discussion
616 So Powerful
615 The Dao Fire Levels Up
614 Returning to the Vast Ruins
613 Jiang Dai from the Dai He Hall
612 The Ignorant Are Fearless
611 Sneak Attack
610 The Wealthy Cultivators
609 A Dao Trade Meeting With Many Experts
608 The Hundred-Night Weapon Pavilion's Dao Trade Meeting
607 Jiang Dai Is Here
606 The Supreme-Grade Dao Meridian
605 The Nirvana Black Metal Stone
604 Planting the Creation Wood Core Again
603 The Change in the First Evolution Dao Sec
602 Reincarnation! Reincarnation!
601 The Rainbow-Winged Lightning Worm
600 The Transformation Ar
599 Threa
598 The Dao Ridge
597 Leaving the First Evolution Dao Sec
596 The Sect's Insuppressible Internal Power Struggle
595 The Sect Meeting
594 The Top Escape Technique
593 Killing the Dao Birth Cultivator
592 Someone Is Waiting for Di Jiu
591 Di Jiu's Prize
590 Di Jiu's Ranking
589 Remedy
588 Di Jiu's Capabilities
587 This Is How the Elixir Competition Is Held
586 Acquaintance From the Wormhole
585 The Ten Major Geniuses of the Dao World
584 Competing out of Nowhere
583 The Occupied Cave Abode
582 The Scheme of the Vast Pure Sacred Sect's Disciple
581 Entering Seclusion for Blacksmithing
580 Who Is He?
579 The Hidden Sacred Dao Discussion Exchange Meeting
578 The First Friend
577 Di Jiu's Dao Modeling
576 The Path of Dao Modeling
575 The Five-Element Beasts
574 The Vast Ruins
573 Di Jiu Understands the Dao
572 Hard to Condense the Dao Seed
571 A Business Opportunity for Di Jiu
570 Choosing A Sec
569 Fighting for the First Evolution True Dew
568 Zhuo Wujia's Dao Modeling
567 Wei Hongyi's Fear
566 Killing the Dao Modeling Cultivator
565 Honeycomb Beach
564 Entering the Lackluster Ocean
563 The Lackluster Ocean
562 Finally Escaped
561 Assassinating Di Jiu
560 Escaping From The Leaping Dao Door Divine City
559 The Nirvana Dao Seed Dao
558 The Leaping Dao Door Divine City
557 The Wormhole's Top 10 Contributors
556 Prepared to Leave
555 Entering the Wormhole Again
554 Mu Jie's Dao Modeling
553 Di Jiu's Technique
552 Taking out the Array Disc
551 This Is Not Over
550 The Cultivators Inside the Wormhole
549 Entering the Wormhole
548 The Woman Who Was Kicked Into the Wormhole
547 Di Jiu's Battle
546 Wormhole
545 The Dao Seed of the Murderous Dao Lake
544 The Rampant Newcomers
543 The Murderous Dao Lake
542 The Leaping Dao Door and the Wormhole
541 Ascending to the Dao World
540 Trapped Between Two Realms
539 Di Jiu Entering Seclusion
538 A Deal with Xu Baishang
537 Xu Baishang
536 People Alive on the Void Mountain
535 The Void Mountain Between the Two Realms
534 The Void Mountain
533 The Furious Fores
532 Geng Ji's Romance
531 Foresight Limited to Strength
530 Ripping Apart the Heaven Earth Law
529 You Are Good Too
528 Returning to the Square Immortal Continen
527 News on Geng Ji
526 The Dao World
525 The Connate Five-Direction Flag Owner
524 Who Is the Fourth Person
523 The Use of the Supreme Chasm Dao Frui
522 One Saber Move, One Fist Move
521 The Mysterious Black-Robed Man
520 Soaring Cultivation Experience
519 Repairing the Night Star Continen
518 The Galaxy Master Sect's New Sect Master
517 I Am the Founder of the Galaxy Master Sec
516 Taking the Reincarnation Bridge Away and Not Reincarnate
515 Whose Thunder Tribulation?
514 Refining the Reincarnation Bridge
513 Parting Ways
512 The Ning Family
511 Taking In Disciples
510 The Ninth World
509 Xiangnu, Who Does Not Bear Grudges
508 My Mother Is Called Di Qiushui
507 Internecine
506 The Dao Figh
505 I Decide on My Dao
504 Wangchuan And Qiushui
503 Creating Dao
502 The Nomological Large Cocoon
501 How Could It Be Possible?
500 This Is Not an Immortal Emperor Thunder Tribulation
499 Heading Out For Training
498 Believe It or No
497 Stripping The Poison Dao Pattern
496 The South Elixir Mountain Inciden
495 Removing the Root of the Problem
494 Shan Muxin Exits Seclusion
493 Returning to Wang Chuan Temple
492 Di Jiu's Fury
491 The Perfect Dao Law
490 Escaping Honor Parade
489 You Are Di Jiu?
488 Lead the Way
487 Nong Xiuqi
486 Descendant Of an Old Friend
485 Being Plotted Agains
484 He Changed His Name To Zhangsun Huang Today
483 Di Jiu's Doubts
482 Extermination
481 Lending a Helping Hand
480 Same as the Square Immortal Continen
479 I Want to See Both Guild Masters Firs
478 Die Without Peace Then
477 I Killed That Woman
476 Thunder Emperor Li Lei
475 Let's Go See the Thunder Emperor
474 Merging Principal Spirit and Physical Body
473 Battling the Seventh-Stage Immortal Emperor
472 Primeval Thunder Saber
471 Di Jiu's Thunder Saber Move
470 Battling Alone
469 Conspiracy or Beast Tide
468 Almost Deadly Thunder Tribulation
467 Seclusion in the Starry Sky Immortal City
466 The Return of the Square Immortal Cauldron
465 Trash Doesn't Reincarnate
464 Hurry Up and Leave
463 Unforeseen Events
462 There Is Life When There Is Death
461 The Peace Square's Arrogant Immortal Emperor
460 The Brilliant Lake Is Destroyed
459 The Brilliant Lake Palace's Terrifying Large Array
458 Old Zhong, Well Done
457 Ye Xi Has Revolted
456 Ye Xi Could Not Stand It Anymore
455 The Gigantic Cosmic Cauldron
454 He Weiwei Is Here
453 Brilliant Lake Palace
452 The Void Nomological Array
451 You Will Die After Going
450 The Immortal World's Top Pill
449 The One Who Tore Down the Teleportation Array
448 Ye Xi's Invitation
447 Elixir Association in Dire Straits
446 Peace Square
445 A Group Went In but Four People Came Ou
444 Need To Learn How To Be an Eloquent Speaker Firs
443 A Fleeting Momen
442 Yin Wushang Retreats, The Killing Array Is Activated
441 The Peace Hotel
440 We Can Only Go Somewhere Else
439 The One Who Dared to Attack the Immortal City's Defense Array
438 Returning to the Gigantic Tripod Immortal City
437 Treasures on the Third Level of Dai He Hall
436 A Big Surprise
435 Xiao Da
434 The Skeleton In the Array Core
433 Lunar Immortal Poison Mis
432 Take This!
431 The Ancient Glazed Heaven Immortal Fruit Tree
430 The Principal Spirit In The Corner Of The House
429 Refining the Sacred Yin Pearl
428 The Starry Flame Commercial Building
427 The Sacred Yin Pearl
426 The Divine Dawn Metal
425 Yin Flame Island Ruins
424 Lunar Immortal Sea Storm
423 Team Up
422 The Most Mysterious Family
421 You Are Begging Me
420 If You Are Tired of Living
419 The Fourth and Fifth Cu
418 The Dao Eye
417 The Nomological Eye
416 Kicking the Immortal Emperor’s Domain Away
415 There Is Only One Frui
414 The Chaotic Law Zone
413 The Man Who Grasped Space Law
412 Are You Sure?
411 Time
410 Dai He Hall's Second Hall
409 The Elixir Array Door of the Dai He Hall
408 Escaping Frantically
407 I Am Leaving
406 The Treasure Sold for an Astronomical Price
405 A Lowly Immortal Emperor Like You
404 A Sensational Treasure
403 The Item that Pleasantly Surprised Di Jiu
402 The Heavenly Purple Lattice
401 Too Much Good Stuff
400 The Appearance of the Agama True Glazed Water
399 The Most Powerful Expert of the Four Great Immortal Continents
398 The Whereabouts of One of The Flags of The Five Directions
397 The Prowess of The Ninth Dao Law
396 What Are You Seeking?
395 A Promise
394 The Nutritious Fire-Element Position
393 Five-Element Dao-Sealing Array
392 Leaving the Gigantic Tripod Immortal City Far Behind
391 The Starry Sky Tea House Closed Down
390 Removing The Spirit of Desire Poison
389 The Desire Poison Had Senses Too
388 The Dao Fire Levelled Up Once Again
387 The Heir Of The Star Demon Palace
386 Insufficient Competence
385 It's Time to Watch the Fun
384 There Is a World in Every Leaf
383 The Decision to Take Action
382 Desire Relegation
381 You Are My Blood-Related Big Brother
380 Huo Jianqian's Decision
379 Killing on the Streets
378 With Movement, Comes Silence
377 Di Jiu's Tea Dao
376 I Am Not Running An Elixir Business
375 Huo Jianqian's Surprise
374 The Young Palatial Lord of the Starry Demon Palace
373 The Elixir That Is Difficult to Refine
372 I Will Refine the Seven-Orifice Soul Condensing Elixir
371 Grade-Four Alchemy Grandmaster
370 The Trap Present in the Last Question
369 The Seven-Orifice Soul Condensing Elixir
368 The Way To Earn Immortal Crystals
367 Signing Up at the Star Elixir Dispensary
366 The End of the Tes
365 The Alchemy Master Examination
364 Survival Is Tough
363 The Liberal Gigantic Tripod
362 The Void
361 The Immortal King Who Took a Fancy to Little Tree
360 The One-Million Consultancy Fee
359 The Outer Tripod Void City
358 Wandering in the Void
357 Di Jiu's Alchemy Dao
356 The Heaviness That Mo Yuxuan Fel
355 Tempering the Body
354 Entering the Thunderous Floating Island
353 The Thunderous Floating Island
352 Lu Xikun's Choice
351 To Enter or Not To Enter
350 They Are Dead
349 The Array of the Starry Sky Immortal Protectorate
348 Di Jiu's Guess
347 What Is Coming Will Come
346 The One Who Dared to Challenge the Radiant Fortune Immortal Sec
345 The Meeting of the Radiant Fortune Immortal Sec
344 Why Should I Escape?
343 The Virtuous Nirvana Sect Master Pays A Visi
342 The City Lord Dislikes Killing
341 Entering Seclusion to Predict Array Dao
340 The City Lord Returns
339 Black Fire Pulls the Space Open
338 The Calamity of the Immortal City
337 Duo Nirvana
336 The Dao Law Leaves
335 The Sect Master of the Virtuous Nirvana Sec
334 The Sky Screen Pi
333 The Heavenly Fire Spiri
332 The Radiant Fortune Immortal Sec
331 History Repeating Itself
330 The Real Rebirth
329 The Real Immortal
328 The Starry Sky Immortal City
327 Who Is Willing to Go With Me?
326 The Seven-Star Aqua Flag
325 Where the Light From Providence Shone in the Immortal World
324 The Perfected Immortal
323 The Technique That Ensures The Light From Providence Continues to Shine
322 Challenging The Perfected Immortal
321 Mo Yuxuan Was Standing Motionless on the Ruins
320 The Virtuous Nirvana Sect's Disciple
319 Sunset in the Immortal World
318 100 Years of Solitude
317 Entering the Immortal Ascension Array
316 A Powerful Fella
315 Shocking Everyone
314 Offense Is the Best Defense
313 The Only Chance to Kill Di Jiu
312 Re-Entering the Sky Screen
311 There Is Something Wrong With The Immortal Ascension Array
310 The Genius Tournament Ends
309 Settling Old Scores
308 The Fist Move
307 The Kick
306 I Guess You Have To Die Too
305 You Are Overthinking Things
304 Who Dared To Kill Mei Zhiyun
303 The Evil Beast Valley
302 The Second Round—The Battle Round
301 A Sorrowful Person
300 Tell Me Your Story
299 Let's Distance Ourselves From This Person
298 I’ll Stop When I Am Dead
297 After the First Round
296 The Genius Destined To Be Number One
295 The True Dominion Tournamen
294 The Immortal Ascension City
293 Proving Innocence
292 Who Killed the Ocean Monarch Palace Sect Master
291 The Top Genius in the Small Central World
290 The Top Sect in the Small Central World
289 The Excellency Life-Exterminator's Blood Drop Jade Card
288 A Dangerous Place
287 Mo Yuxuan
286 Two Kicks Again
285 The Galaxy Sect's Defense Array
284 The Galaxy Sect's Crisis
283 The Five Continent Seal
282 The Universe Membrane
281 I Have No Battling Experience
280 The Forcibly-Shaken Second Pavilion Lord
279 Arriving On The Prophecy Island
278 Sneaking an Attack on the Mirage Sword Sec
277 The Fifth-Stage True Form Youth
276 The Mirage Sword Sect’s Arrival
275 Capturing Geng Ji
274 How Many Big Sects Do You Have to Offend?
273 The Famous
272 Rolled Over
271 Breaking The Door Down
270 The Small World Planet Closes
269 Madly Breaking into the True Form Realm
268 The Primeval Thunder Pattern
267 In Big Trouble
266 The Herb King Meridian
265 Under Suspicion
264 The Deal With Han Qingyi
263 One Dead and One Alive
262 Rushing Towards The Planted Cultivators' Mountain
261 Time Cuts Like a Knife
260 The 109th Saber
259 The Silly Young Master Red Embellishmen
258 The Terrifying Sword Inten
257 The Planted Cultivators' Mountain
256 Beneath the Natural Hidden Array
255 Why?
254 The Small World Planet Opens
253 Meeting
252 Di Feixue’s Secre
251 The Beasts
250 The Appearance of the Quintessential World
249 Breaking Down During the Interrogation
248 Back to the Genesis Sect Temporarily
247 The Alchemy Dao’s Embryonic Form
246 The Shocking Origin Of The Creation Cauldron
245 A Change On The Prophecy Island
244 The Wooden Cauldron
243 The Fallen Elixir Mountain
242 Looking For A Cultivation Companion
241 Bringing Someone Down
240 A Familiar Place
239 The Desert River Forbidden Zone
238 I Will Give You A Child
237 Black Reincarnation
236 Settling Old Scores
235 Time Flows And People Change
234 Transcending Space
233 The Slots
232 The Person Who Killed Shu Haolan
231 A World Where Strength Symbolizes Power
230 The Di Frontier Army Of The Union City
229 The Star Everlasting Guild Master Begs For Help
228 Young Master Di Jiu
227 A Serious Happening
226 Extermination
225 The Cause Of The Pas
224 Water Under The Bridge
223 The Young Master Red Embellishment Challenges People Again
222 Encountering Han Qingyi Again
221 Humiliation
220 Encounter At The Herald Night Lake
219 A Qualitative Change
218 The Difficulty Of The Level-Ten Spiritual Sea
217 The Completed Saber Array
216 The Grade-Seven Saber Array
215 The Floating Flame Flag
214 Borrowing A Spiritual Sea
213 A Shocking Fac
212 Any News On Di Jiu?
211 A Snowy Mountain So Tall Its Peak Is Not Visible
210 The Lost Ring
209 Waiting To Be Bullied
208 The Auction Of The Plane Split Talisman
207 Seeing The Plane Split Talisman Again
206 Passageway To The Immortal World
205 In Danger
204 Gaining Insight Into The Book Of The World
203 Han Qingyi
202 A Hefty Harves
201 Hypocrite
200 Facing The Five Large Sect Masters
199 Ji Hongchuan's Strength
198 The Secret Of The 90th Level
197 Would You Die
196 Everyone Was Dumbfounded
195 The Five Continent Dao Disc
194 The Sword Hear
193 The Magnanimous Hu Yipan
192 Becoming Famous
191 The Secret Of The Five Continent Dao Pagoda
190 The Advice Of The Young Master Red Embellishmen
189 Seeking Death
188 The Scary Herald Night Lake
187 The Necessary Herb
186 The Prophecy Island
185 The Roast Divine Herb
184 Some News On The Book Of The World
183 The Five Continent Dao Convention
182 Travelling Around Instead
181 The Battle Between The Sea Roll Experts
180 The Dao Roll
179 The Jumbo Footprin
178 The Dusk Star Ruins
177 Senior Di
176 The Qi Family's Doom
175 Merciless
174 Blood-Trail To The Qi Family's Commercial Building
173 Repairing The Night Star Continen
172 The Five Continents
171 The True Saber Inten
170 Heavenly Aqua
169 Fifth-Level Dao Fire
168 The Disappearance Of The Book Of the World
167 The Sky Screen Closing
166 A Pitiful Person
165 The Person Underneath The Polar Night Sky Marke
164 The Colossal Kun Art Schema
163 The Problem With Di Jiu's Character
162 A Blue Flare Appears
161 Falling Into the Vile Soul Lake
160 The Vile Soul Lake
159 Luminous Starry Sky
158 Dao Fire
157 The Returning Qi Family Experts
156 The Heaven Saber Sec
155 Seventh Level
154 Unintentional Willow Planting
153 An Ancient Sec
152 Leaving
151 The Blue Flame On The Mountain Peak
150 Tarsus
149 A Cultivator Called Di Jiu
148 Escape
147 Done In
146 Jealousy
145 One Versus Five
144 Breaking Through The Strangulation Array
143 The Blue Lake
142 No Life-Force Under The Peak
141 The Blue Light Grotto-Heaven
140 The Sixth Saber Move
139 The Violet Aqua Sand
138 The Book Of The World
137 A Terrifying Existence
136 The Sky Screen Opens
135 The Arrogant Cultivator
134 Familiar Faces
133 Time Bomb
132 Escape Technique
131 Di Jiu's Combat Strength
130 A Place To Attack
129 Truths And Lies
128 The Beginning
127 A Scam And Some Pure Heaven Saber Gold
126 The Inciden
125 Teams
124 The Dung Beetle
123 Void Life-Force
122 Back To The Sec
121 The Insidious Hunchback
120 What The Hunchback Wants
119 A True Problem
118 Recognition
117 A Crazy Plan
116 The Golden Core Battle
115 Returning To The Marsh Ocean Town
114 The Third-Level Swamp Lion
113 Soaring Strength
112 Gathering Peaks, Furious Waves
111 Harves
110 Two Genius Disciples
109 The Fury Of Essence Soul Experts
108 The Qi Family’s Essence Soul Ancestors
107 Fleeing Into The Marsh Ocean Fores
106 Daring
105 Greenhorns Cultivating
104 The Marsh Ocean Fores
103 Two Small Grasshoppers
102 The Senior Brother Who Rights The Wrong
101 Moshuang Gets Beaten Up
100 The Galaxy Ar
99 Joining The Galaxy Sec
98 An Extraordinary Spirit Roo
97 Testing Spirit Roots
96 Joining An Immortal Sec
95 The Son-In-Law Living With His In-Laws
94 Upheaval
93 The Calamity Of The Fairy Square
92 The Big Dipper Palace
91 An Accurate Name
90 The Dangers Of The Fairy Square
89 The Frightened Tiny Trean
88 The Wronged Tiny Trean
87 The Tiny Treant's Thing
86 Di Jiu's Knife
85 Tiny Trean
84 SOS Signal
83 The Benefits Of Little Blue Flowers
82 The Cave Abode Of A Demon Beas
81 Seizing The Opportunity
80 Fortune Favors The Bold
79 Changing Trial Method
78 The Dangerous Fairy Plane
77 The Deal With Zeng Dongling
76 Refinemen
75 Elite Class No. 5
74 A Long Kitchen Knife
73 Returning The Three Jade Scrolls
72 Going To The Fairy Plane
71 The Last Words
70 The Storage Ring
69 The Madman Of The Auction
68 Knowledge Is Priceless
67 A More Expensive Ring
66 Three Jade Scrolls
65 The Auction Begins
64 Threats
63 It’s Difficult To Be Kind
62 Unrestrained Gambling
61 You Cheated
60 I Am Here To Win Money
59 Ten Chips
58 Passing The Tes
57 The Fairy Planet Special Recruitmen
56 Trustworthy’s Things
55 Sufficient Funding
54 Registration Numbers For Everyone
53 Two Strikes
52 Coming For You
51 Trustworthy’s Den
50 A Secret Treasure Trove Within Him
49 The True Third Saber Move
48 Chasing Away A Miracle Doctor
47 A Person’s Character
46 The Legendary Ceng Beizi
45 China's Best Physician
44 Hurling Insults
43 Assassin
42 A Powerful Man
41 Be My Disciple
40 The Swallow Capital University's Institute of Martial Arts
39 Keeping Watch At Swallow Capital University
38 Ending Up In Enemy Hands
37 Kidnapping Two Ladies
36 Encountering Allies At Nigh
35 Capturing Di Jiu
34 Trustworthy
33 The Dangerous Fairy Plane
32 The Begging Reaches Him
31 The Heir Of The Di Clan's Manufacturing Business
30 A Sensational Hospital
29 The Five-Yin Six-Yang Hand
28 Mortuary Burning Paper
27 A Quiet New Job
26 Investigation
25 Leaving The Apricot Lake Hall
24 Su You's Change
23 The Ring Assassination
22 Master Sheng
21 The Book Of Records
20 Help
19 Secrets of a Martial King
18 The First Saber Move
17 Sick of Living
16 North Luo University's Institute Of Martial Arts
15 Friends
14 Putting An End
13 The Reason I Married You
12 The Di Clan's Seven Sabers
11 The Mysterious Fairy Plane
10 Shen Ziyu
9 Who Am I?
8 Wang Chuan Temple
7 The Mysterious Wooden Bridge
6 Primeval Mountain
5 A Previous Incarnation
4 The Small Piece Of Grayish Stone
3 Flee Immediately
2 Which Young Man Isn’t Sentimental
1 Fairy Plane