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She stood before him without uttering a word pursing her lips. Ren's eyes deepened while staring at her lips. Ria's cheeks grew red as she cleared her throat and brought him back to reality. Ren immediately stood up standing close to her, he looked down at her face.

Ria tucked a bit of hair behind her ear and lifted her face to look at him in the eyes. Everyone was anticipating something to happen between them as they didn't give a damn about privacy and stared at them.

Ria was conscious of the stares directed towards them but she still had something to do. So she kept the paper bag on the nearby coffee table and extended her hands towards Ren's neck. He instinctively bent down and took her waist.

Her lips turned into a shy smile as she muttered to herself inside her mind, 'You are not a high school kid, stop acting like one!' The voices from the surrounding screened out as she touched his collar and looked into his eyes. Ren saw her look and his lips curled up as well.

As Ren was expecting something, after few seconds Ria removed his bow tie and collar shirt button. Ren squinted his eyes on wanting to know what is she going to do. But Ria looked down and gently pushed him for which Ren raised his eyebrows and released her from his grip.

Ria didn't dare look him in the eye, it stirred up something inside her and she placed the bow tie inside the bag. Then she took a brooch similar to her tiara, which was chained to a pin. She came closer to him and started to pin it to his suit.

As she stole a glance at him, he was staring at her with this gentle smile that bloomed in her heart. She titled her head and smiled while fixing the brooch one last time. She took a step back, gave him a scan head to toe and took a step forward and then she fixed his coat.

She flashed an adorable and satisfied smile at him for which his heart skipped a beat. Ria turned around and walked towards the photographer while Ren stood there and absorbed her beauty. Suddenly Ria looked back and caught him looking at her, she raised one of her eyebrows at him.

Ren chuckled and walked towards her, then the both of them walked side by side. They never said a word to each other but they looked so harmonic and adorable together. As they walked Ria said, "The flowers and gifts were gorgeous".

Ren nodded his head and said, "I have been preparing it for quite a few days". She squinted her eyes, she wanted to ask something but didn't instead she smiled. "What is it?", Ren asked with an amused smile. She asked him back, "What?"

Ren asked with a loving expression, "You wanted to ask something, right?" Ria shook her head and walked fast towards the photographer. She is one of the best in Kozhaksi Entertainment and Reyan's friend. They both explained the different scenarios and poses.

When they were doing the first pose, Ren was very much cooperative as he took her waist and pulled her closer to him. Being watched by others Ria smiled shyly and tried hard maintain her composure.

"Only he can make the angry bird, submit", Ashley commented as they watched from behind the photographer. Ren and Melody laughed on hearing it. Reyan squealed as she said, "Oh My God, you are blushing so much Ria". Even Ren who was holding Ria, chuckled along with everyone.

She looked down scratched her temple and said, "Just get on with it". Camera clicks were heard non stop as they changed poses. Ren slowly bent down and breathed on her right ear as he whispered, "What it is that you had on your mind?". Ria let out a sigh as she said, "I thought you were apologizing but it was prepared long ago".

Ren replied with a hmmm and didn't ask anything furthur. He want to let it go but he couldn't, the photographer said that they both were being rigid after the first few poses. She asked, "If you guys feel uncomfortable, I can clear this area".

Ria looked at Ren's indifferent face and shook her, "Its okay, we will continue after few minutes". T

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