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"Is there a problem, Darren?"

Ria's smooth voice was heard as it caught everyone's attention. Darren flashed a smile as he said, "Nothing, Sister-in-law. In a moment the room will be free for your use". Darren glared at Sheila and continued, "I think you heard me or you want me to repeat".

Ria didn't probe and stood there with her arms folded across her chest. Melody got a call and excused herself. Sheila threw a murderous glare at Ria and went inside the make over room.

After a few minutes, in a wedding gown with a beautiful crown fitted in her hair Katherine came out with Sheila and two more assistants. She took a glance at Ria smugly and said looking at Darren arrogantly, "Listen Darren, I know you are in a tight spot. At this moment we can only share the studio and the room.

If you cancel it now, it will be a lose to the company". Katherine casted a glance at Ria again and said, "I don't mind sharing". Ria chuckled immediately as she marched straight into the make over room ignoring everyone on the corridor.

The other girls followed straight after her as she entered. There were three more people inside the room, a stylist with his assistant and a bodyguard with Kozhaksi corporations ID card. Ria looked at the bodyguard in suit and said, "See to it this gentlemen and lady here, reach their place safely".

And she turned around to find Darren along with his assistant and Katherine's troupe standing in the hallway. Sheila was calling someone while Katherine was fuming. Ria didn't give a damn about it as she looked at Darren and said, "I will give you 10 minutes, this place needs to be cleaned.

And also I want my clothes and other accessories transported here". Darren nodded as he saw that Ria took control of the situation. He walked towards the elevator as he dialed a number.

While Katherine's troupe where waiting in the corridor Ria's stuff was transported to the room as some people cleaned Katherine's stuff. Sheila looked at the room and smiled as she whispered something into Katherine's ears. Her lips curled into a smile as her frown dissolved.

She knew that, today they are taking wedding photos. She purposely delayed the shoot so that she can get a glance at the pair. She wanted Ren to know that she can be a better bride than Ria. But as soon as she saw the set inside the studio, her mind was blown off. She is only using a one-tenth of the studio which is prepared for their wedding shoot.

She wanted to take atleast a single photo with him at first. But now she wanted to shoot the commercial with him if possible. Katherine was in her own world, when one of her assistants said, "Wow!!!! It's so pretty. All the clothes are beautiful designed".

The other assistant said, "Yeah! I wonder who is the designer is. It really is pretty". Katherine looked at the clothes through the open door as the assistants started to hang them in the shelf. Her eyes widened but she regained her composure and cursed Ria in

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