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Ria suddenly remembered the appointment that day. She had asked Lucy to take Aaron for sightseeing and it was 2 'o' clock in the afternoon now. She cursed Ren twice in her heart and picked the call, "Hello, Lu?"


At 7 'o' clock in the morning, Lucy woke up as usual. She did her routine and got ready in half an hour. She called her friend, so that she can cover for her today and informed the hospital. Then she called her big sister who apparently collapsed an hour ago after some morning exercise.

Ren was the one who picked the phone as he said with an amused smile, "Yes, Lucianna madam". Lucy smiled and said, "Good morning, brother-in-law!" Ren replied with a little smile, "Good morning, Anna is still sleeping. Do you need her for something?"

Lucy glanced at the time, even though it was not early, it was not late either. She thought of asking him the number but stopped herself on second thought. She said casually, "Nothing much Brother-in-law, I just wanted to ask her about some contact information. If possible can you get me her secretary's number?"

Ren didn't think much about it, as it was not his problem. He replied casually, "Yeah, I will text you". Then he hung up and sent her Peggy's number from Ria's phone.

Lucy immediately dialed Peggy's number, who just parked her car in the parking lot in the company. Peggy looked at the unknown number and picked it after entering the elevator. "Hello?" Lucy said on the other end, "Hello! Is this Miss Peggy?".

Peggy replied, "It is she". Lucy said politely, "This is Lucy, Ria's sister. If you are free, Can you do me a favour Miss Peggy". She looked at her watch noticing that there is still time, she said professionally, "Sure Mam, What can I do for you?"

Lucy said, "I need Mr.Shen's secretary number. Big sis has asked me to take them for sight seeing but she didn't give me their contact details. Apparently she is still sleeping so I got your number from brother-in-law". Peggy became stiff for a minute after knowing the Big Boss has given her number.

Then she replied more politely and professionally, "Sure, Miss Lucy. I will send you the number immediately". Lucy smiled and said, "Thankyou, Miss Peggy". She said, "It is my pleasure, Miss Lucy and do ask me if you need anything else". Lucy chuckled and said, "Sure". Then she hung up.

Peggy had Mr.Shen's secretary's business card with her. She looked up the number and texted it to Lucy. While chewing her breakfast, Lucy saw the text. She sipped some mango juice and dailed the number. After 2 rings the phone was picked, a lady's voice was heard on the other side, "Hello, May I Know who is this?"

Lucy politely said, "Hello, Miss Cassie. I'm Lucy, Miss Rianna has asked me to take you guys for sight seeing. May I know your schedule for today?" Cassie never heard about these from Aaron so she said, "CEO is still in his room, I will ask him and get back to you Miss Lucy".

Lucy replied, "Okay, Miss Cassie". Then she hung up and continued with her breakfast. Lucy was really fed up that she had to make these much calls to be tour guide for free. She thought, 'After all these efforts, if that guy doesn't look good I'm gonna drop him halfway!' Then she texted Martin.

Aaron who slept vaguely was rolling on the bed thinking about yesterday's encounter. He is feeling so embarrassed for talking about Ria to her own husband. He thought of fighting with her husband at first but his hopes evaporated the moment he knew it was Ren. He was thinking of ways to maintain the partnership properly.


Aaron stood up from the bed and wore a bathroom robe and said, "I will be there in few minutes". Then he went to the bathroom and refreshed himself. After a shower he wore a simple white shirt with kakhi trousers. He wore his brown metal watch on the left and came out looking younger.

Cassie's eyes widened by the way he looks, she admires him but she maintains the relationship as boss

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