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The discussion regarding the commercial went on for two hours straight. Ria was on work mode as she gave many suggestions regarding the costumes according the purpose of the commercial. It was for Kozhaksi corporations, for every sector they manage. Nash was also present for this commercial.

At the end of meeting, Ren who was dead silent till now while looking at his wife with admiration spoke up, "Does anyone have suggestions for the model to be used in the commercial." One of share holders said, "Ms.Katherine is the best choice."

Another share holder agreed with him, "Yes! I agree too." They favoured her because, they thought she and Big Boss are in a relationship so they might end up with some advantages. Its always been like this.

They saw the interview at the airport but they didn't mind it now, because they have no idea, that woman was this woman who was sitting next to their Big Boss. Ria thought their opinion was professional advices so she didn't say anything.

Ren said confidently, "I will let Ms. Anna to decide the model as she is the costume designer. I would also like her to be the script writer if possible".

Ria knew he deliberately said the word Ms.Anna. Ria thought, 'Anna..... uh?' Ren is the only who calls her anna. In Milan she wanted to give up on her old self, so she registered as Ria Raj while her name in the certificates were Rianna Raj.

Ria is also as script writer, she has not done it for a while as she was focused on the company for these years. She had written many script for the commercials in the Bridal Collections. The scripts she wrote were more natural, like from the point of view of the audience.

Ria wanted to refuse but before she could react, Ren caressed her legs with his leg. Ria jumped in her seat while Ren smirked looking at her. Everyone was confused looking at her sudden reaction. She pulled herself together immediately then said with an awkward smile, "Sorry Everyone! I was startled by the Pen that fell from the table".

No one said anything, some just nodded their head. Ria then said, "It would be my pleasure, President Kozhaksi. I would like to meet this model in person to see her aura and looks. And I also like to check other models who are willing to participate. It is a great opportunity for all of them after all."

The Artist Managing Director said this time, "It would our pleasure, Miss Rianna." Ria nodded at him then he introduced himself in front of everyone, "I am Caden Rodriguez. The Artist Director of the Entertainment department. Whenever you are available, I will personally bring the models for the audition".

His interest on Ria was very clear by the words and the way he looked at her like some treasure. Ria understood that this man is showing her attention more than what is neccessary. She said with a smile after looking at watch, "I can look at them in an hour break after the meeting is over."

Caden said excitedly, "Sure! Miss Rianna". Ria nodded a

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