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"Miss Katherine you are rejected".

Katherine's temper shot to its peak while others were dumb stroke expect Ren, because he doesn't know what she is saying. In Ren's mind right now, 'Wow! My darling has grown up now. She out right rejected someone, she is awesome.

The moments those words came out of her mouth, it was so sexy! I really want to kiss her now'.

Ria was waiting for any objection that may arise from Ren but he was quiet so her lips curled up.

Sheila was the first one to speak, "What do you mean by rejected? She is the best this company can give! Are you blind or something?" Ria smiled on hearing her words and then she said, "Miss Sheila, If you don't mind, can you leave the hall soon? Every second is important for me".

"Rianna, right?.....

Do you have any personal grudge towards me so that you are rejecting me without any basic reason?", Katherine asked while narrowing her eyes and her words contained mockery.

Ria said with confidence and pride, and a smile lingering in her lips, "I'm afraid Miss Katherine doesn't have the traits required to make me have an personal grudge towards you. You were unfit for the image I'm looking for, that is all.". Darren let a laugh, "Pfft". Ria gave him a smile.

Katherine's face became more black as words came out from Ria's mouth. As much as her tone were polite it were sharp and made her feel embarrassed. Sheila said while gritting her teeth, "You dare to talk to her like you please in front of the CEO. She is our CEO's favourite. You are just jealous of her, admit it".

Ria was the one laughing out loud now. She said a with a cold tone, "Trust me, Miss Sheila and Miss Katherine, Why should I be jealous of you. Let me ask you some questions, has Ren talked to you with a warm smile? has he locked fingers with you? has he atleast looked at your eyes ?

I don't have to ask him about these or need your answers. I know more than anyone here about him and I can guarantee that he would have never done any of those to any girl beside me. The more you can get from him is a professional and plastic smile.

Were you trying to mock me? Let me give you the same medicine. You may be younger than me but you are not beautiful than me! I never sense any danger from you, just pity towards you. Mr. Caden, for her not obeying my words and dare to treat me as a jealous woman, I am blacklisting her.

This woman doesn't have any manners! Such an uncivilized, arrogant and adamant, country girl. Mr. Caden, get her out! Now!"

Caden nodded and stood up from his chair, then he said, "Katherine..." Before he could finish she raised her hand gesturing not to continue and stormed out of the room. The pride and power she had for the two years, crumbled altogether in that moment.

The things which irritated her the most was, she couldn't talk back a word and Ren didn't shift his gaze from Ria even for a second. Her manager followed her while giving a glare at Ria but she didn't giv

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