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vilookup > ME LOVE YOU > 38 Get the f*ck out, Mr.Kozhaksi.
Ria's glare became intense and she shouted like hell, "F*ck you, Ren. You had the nerve to ask my opinion? You f*ckking raped me 10 times, you demon.

Yet you are asking me about it. Get out of here, I don't want to see your face. Screw you!"

Ren thought, '10 times ah? Not bad me!' He pouted his face and said, "I am the one who screws you, baby! What can I do, Anna? You were so beautiful, your eyes were like stars, yours lips were like cherries, your collarbone was as seductive as ever, your breast was so soft like the clouds I couldn't stop.... Ouch!"

Ria hit Ren's head with a brush, she again shouted, "You are a shameless man, Ren. Which part of me saying Get out of here is not understandable to you!"

Ren said looking at her eyes but his expression was unreadable, "A man doesn't have to know shame when he is chasing his wife, Sweetheart".

Then he winked at her. Ria's cheeks became red but to avoid him seeing her she jolted out of the bed but her legs gave away. She fell on the floor butt naked, even though the floor was covered with carpet she took a heavy hit. She groaned in pain and said with frustration, "Damn it!"

Ren came to her slowly this time and asked her politely, "May I help you?" Ria lifted her head and gave him a glare. Then she looked down and nodded. Ren's lips curled up but he asked again, "I asked, May I help you?" Ria nodded again.

Ren said controlling his laugh, "I can't hear anything!" Ria looked up at him and said with her eyebrows frowned, "You are such a sadist, Ren". He chuckled looking at her, "That makes you a masochist, Honey".

Ria closed her eyes and took a deep breath then she said, "You can go, I can take care of myself". 'Well I can't let you go like that, can I?', Ren thought. Then he came to her and lifted her up without any effort, she also accepted it because her condition was entirely his fault.

"Don't you have any body pain?", Ria asked him as he walked to the bathroom.

Ren lifted one of his eyebrows at her then he leaned into her ears and wispered, "Nope, Baby. Want to go another round". Ria's ears are burning red and she shaked her head immediately. Ren let out a laugh and placed her inside the bathtub.

Then Ren naturally unbuttoned her first button. Ria shaked his hand off and asked, "What are you doing?" He said as a matter of fact, "Helping you, honey". Ria took a deep breath then she thought, 'If I talk harshly, he will take that as an encouragement!'

She opened her mouth and said politely, "Listen, Ren. Thank you for your help you have done till now. I will forget yesterday's night, you can also forget it. We will become business partners. Whenever you want to see the kids, I will bring them to you.

You also can come and visit them. But us, the concept of us have expired long back. It won't work out ever again, Trust me. Now get out, I want to take my bath alone".

Ren removed his shoes and entered the bathtub, he picked her up and placed her on

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