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Ria looked at the guy beside her who was full of teeth and said, "I will ask mother to send home cooked meals for the kids then". Ren said, "I can arrange a kitchen for you here if you want!"

Ria shook her head and said, "Look for an apartment near by. Don't cause inconvenience to your workers, Ren". He nodded with a smile telling, 'Anything you say!' Ria raised her eyebrow and asked, "Don't you have any work, Ren? Always following me. Go and do your job".

Ren pursed his lips and stood up without staying anything, then he went to his desk. He was completely sulking, Ria smiled tenderly looking at his reaction. Then they both indulged themselves in work. They both took a few glances at the other here and there.

Varun came to Ria once in a while and asked something, while Diya asked Ren something about the laptop. Ren was surprised first by her level of knowledge then he let go of it thinking that she must have high IQ, whose daughter is she!

After some four to five hours went by outside, the sky was completely dark. Ren looked at Ria who was sitting in the sofa wearing the suit he bought and her silky hair into a pony tail. She was working on some sketches on one of the sketch books that Ren bought for Varun.

The expression on her face was very eye catching. Inbetween her sketches her eyebrows will frown or arch up. Then she bit the pencil with her rosy lips then and now. Her every single actions made Ren go crazy for her.

Ria lightly moved in her seat for sometimes. Her butt pains from sitting for a long time in the same position. Ren noticed it and came to her, he picked her up and let her sit on his lap.

Then whispered in her ears seductively, "Need a massage?" Her cheeks burned up and she immediately shook her head. Then he said slowly in a low deep voice, "Words, Anna! Words! want to or not". A low voice was heard, "No". Then he replied with a "Hmmm..." And hugged her close and breathed in her scent.

He then said, "You remember what you said in the morning right?" She nodded her head slowly looking down. His hands were caressing her from the moment he came next to her, which made her words to disappear. She could feel his breath on her nape and his hands on her body, the words seized to come out.

Ria elbowed him and stuttered, "Yeah..... I remember! Now.... Go and order.... something to eat..... I'm Hungry". Ren leaned in and whispered, "What a coincidence, Sweetheart. I'm hungry too!" Ria gave him a side glance and saw Varun looking at his sketches indifferently like he is stuck somewhere.

Ria saw that as an opening and said cheerfully, "Varun Sweetheart? What is it? Are you stuck somewhere. Come here, Mama will help you!" Ren's mouth twitched and he bit her right ear hard and it turned red. She cried in pain but stuck her tongue out.

He came closer to her red tongue but he stopped when he heard the wobbling footsteps of Varun. Ria smiled at him mockingly, he lifted her off his lap and helped her to sit on the seat nearby. Then Ria helped Varun for a while.

Ren went out and prepared food for them. When she was finished with Varun and looked for Ren, he was still outside the office. She continued with the sketches. An hour later, Ren came in along with two of his secretaries bringing her luggages from Raj Mansion.

Then came some people dressed like waiters with foods and stuffed the tea table with food. Diya's and Varun's eyes lit up as they looked the variety. Ria carefully fed them those that can be chewed by them. Not too hard and not too spicy.

After they were fed, Ren picked those two kittens and went out saying to Ria that they are going for a walk. Ria filled her plate and started to dig in. The door of the room was opened again. Ren came in alone, Ria's stomach did a somersault.

She still asked as naturally as possible, "Where are the kids?" Ren said causally as he closed in to her in few strides, "Out for a walk". Before Ria could ask with whom, Ren co

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