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The family of four boarded their car and left the airport. Ria was a little grumpy, but the kids were talking with their father. Ria thought, 'They have been talking a lot since we came here,' Ria had both of their in her lap, she kept embracing them without a word and dozed of into her thoughts.

Ren extended his hand to touch Varun's hair, who was closest to him. Not only his hands touched Varun's hair but also grazed Ria's bosom. She was suddenly startled and brought back to reality. Even he didn't expect this outcome, it was completely unintentional.

Ria gave him a cold stare, Ren responded with a awkward smile. The next second, she looked outside the window then she remembered something that she said to Emma before she left. Ria said to her, "I will try to give him an another chance. If not for us, atleast for our children."

Ria looked beside her, the one she made promise about, he was driving the car while talking to their kids. They look like a one whole family. Even she was startled by his touch, she couldn't help but blush thinking about it. Ren cleared his throat and asked, "What do you wanna eat sweety?"

Diya shouted from the other end, "Ish cream". Ria said gently, "Daddy asked for the lunch sweetheart". Diya looked like she was thinking and then she said, "Ish cream!" and smiled cutely. Then Ria said causally, "Anything is fine as long as it is edible".

Ren said dotingly, "Sure sweety" and then patted Ria's head. She raised her eyebrows at him, he winked at her. Even Ren was surprised as stayed quiet without saying anything. They entered an five star hotel near his company, Ren checked his watch for the time.

There is still an hour for the meeting. He walked in holding Ria's shoulder and carrying Varun in his another hand. He usually have lunch and dinner meetings here, so he was immediately recognised by the management and manager provided with one of best private cabins.

Everyone saw his interview at the airport and his photos with his kids in the mall.

They even watched photos of them sending off a friend in the airport some minutes ago. Beautiful people always gets fans even if they are not in the entertainment circle. Few days ago there were lots of shippers for Ren and Katherine.

The minute they saw Ren with his adorable kids and the beautiful women beside him. They changed the ship immediately apart from die hard fans of Katherine. Wherever Ren goes, someone posts his photos from the spot. He never minded it much before.

Now when he saw the picture with his kids, he even paid the photographer some lump of money. When they entered the restaurant, everyone's attention fell on the four. The family was used to it, as Ria was quiet prone to attention during her time in Italy.

Ria was given lots of awards for her talent and is a famous designer in Milan. Her company having Limited resources were always in high demand during every new collection's release.

She always recruits new tale

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