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"You are a doctor?"

Lucy frowned and said, "Hey, that's rude!" Aaron chuckled and said, "Okay! Okay! Sorry. It is just that you don't look or act like a doctor". Lucy raised her eyebrow and said, "How do you expect a doctor to look like then?"

Aaron raised his hands in the air and said, "Nothing! Seriously! I have never seen a doctor..... with such fashion sense and drives such an awesome bike!" Lucy said "Oh..." like she understood what he meant. Then she said with a child like voice, "I love bikes... and being a doctor. It may be a different combination but I like it.

Coming to fashion sense, we have awesome fashion designers at home".

Aaron looked puzzled at the plural tone, creasing his eyebrows. Lucy immediately explained, "My mother and Ria. My mom chose our clothes since childhood, it always amazed others. After my big sis became a teenager she started to choose her own clothes and she did the same for me. She created a style for me since then.

After she left home, I followed it". Aaron listened attentively and nodded. They reached the car and bike by the time Lucy finished. Then they left the place and went to the restaurant. It was around 12 'o' clock in the afternoon.

As they got seated, Aaron asked Lucy to order the food. While they were waiting for the food Aaron remembered something and asked, "Didn't you say, you were three years younger than Ria?"

She nodded with a smile and said knowing what he meant, "I skipped three years of academics by taking advanced exams. The bike is my gift from my father for that". Aaron arched his eyebrows in surprise and smiled as he said, "That's awesome". Lucy shrugged her shoulders as if it was nothing.

Eventually the food came and Lucy stopped talking. She focused her thoughts on the food and Aaron lips curled up on how she ate like she is the only one here.

Aaron looked a little uncomfortable and Lucy noticed it but she remained quiet untill he opens his mouth. After a few minutes of silence, Aaron asked, "So, You said that 'After Ria left'. What happened actually?" Lucy's lips curled up and thought, 'Thats it ah!'

Then she told him the whole story of Ren and Ria. Aaron's face became more and more pale hearing their story. He was happy for her but at the same time he felt the pain when he heard about the depth of her love for Ren. He even asked himself whether anyone will love him like that.

Lucy stopped eating and picked her phone to dail someone. Aaron looked at her as she was sipping some water.

The voice on the other end said, "Hello, Lu?" Lucy's eyebrows arched up as she said, "Oh! You remember". Ria smiled awkwardly as she cheekily said, "Sorry! Sorry Lu! I totally forgot! Can I get you his number, just check on him". Lucy shook her head and explained about their excursion today.

Ria let out a sigh in relief, "Thanks, Honey. I know I can count you. Seriously, it was really awkward last night. He is a good guy, he might be feeling better now

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