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"You can look for yourself!"

Lucy's face became distorted on hearing his words. She tried so much to control her emotions and sneered through her teeth, "Did you even think a little bit about Ria's feelings before coming here? How could you do that to her?" Ren's guess was confirmed this moment, his smile widened as he enjoyed her display of affection for Ria.

He slowly shrugged his shoulders and his eyes showed some level of happiness and amusement. Lucy's pressure kept raising by each second he stood there without any guilt. She took a deep breath and said, "You just leave this place now. I will take care of the woman. As long as you promise not to repeat this and abide by it, I will never utter a word to Ria about this".

Ren raised one of his eyebrows in surprise by her response, he said in jovial tone, "That is an tempting offer, unfortunately I'm completely smitten by that woman and I can't leave her till last breath". Ren's eyes were on the bathroom door while he spoke this and Lucy grew more impatient.

She was so suprised and stunned to be exact. She never thought her brother-in-law to be like this. The one he knew was always noble and he loved her sister as deep as the ocean. Maybe he wanted to get his revenge on her sister for leaving him. This was the only conclusion she could come to now.

Lucy tried to plead with Ren as she said in a low voice, "Think about Ria, Brother-in-law. She may have left you but she loves you more than anyone. You can't do this to her. I promise I won't say anything to Ria about this and you don't repeat it. You simply have to leave now".

Ren couldn't hold in anymore as he chuckled out loud and said, "I can't, because..." Before Ren could finish, Lucy emptied the water in the nearby jug all over Ren. She was on the verge of breaking down, at that second her emotions took a 180 degree turn on hearing her voice.


Lucy froze on hearing that single word and remembering the glare she got from Ren just now. She couldn't even let out a breath. Ria's footstep was heard as she walked towards them. Her soft child like voice was heard as she said, "Lu? What are you doing.... Oh My God! What happened Chérie? Why are you drenched?"

Ria rushed into the bathroom to grab a towel and came back fast almost sprinting. She immediately dried his hair while she saw Lucy holding a Jug in her hand. She looked Ren's face and then Lucy's face. Both of them were looking at her. She didn't ask anything as she pushed Ren towards the bathroom.

She gave him a kiss on the lips and said, "Whatever it is, go easy on her please!" Ren didn't say anything and looked at her indifferently. Ria said pleadingly, "Pretty please, she is a little girl". Ren's lips cracked up as he run his fingers through his hair. His thin lips moved and a dangerous voice was heard, "I will go easy on her but it will take an entirely different level toll on you".

Ria lifted her eyebrows and said seductively, "You will le

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