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Ren was in his conference room in his office. The kids fell asleep sooner as they came out of the pool. Violet is watching them now. Ren thought of taking a 2 hours break from the baby sitting since the kids were sound asleep.

In the conference room apart from Ren, two of his secretaries, Darren and his assistant and three more shareholders were present to discuss about an investment.

Ria's adamant voice was heard on the phone when she said, "Right now!"

Ren turned around to find all of them staring at him.

Before the phone call came, he was looking at his phone for a while, since that was time for Ria to wake up. So when the call came, he interrupted the meeting and picked it. Then went to the window farther from the table to talk to her.

But they could hear every single word he speaks on the phone and Ren knows it too. But giving a kiss.... Ren cleared his throat as he turned to face outside the window again, "I'm in an meeting, Anna. I will get back to that when I reach home!"

Ria chuckled on the other and she said like a spoiled child, "Then I really want one, please... Only one!" Ren growled, "And you think you have to plead me for that. The situation here is different sweetheart!" Ria made noices like she is really upset and said, "Good bye, then. You continue with your so called meeting".

Ren raised his voice and said, "Hey! Don't you dare hung up on me!" Ria replied with a "Hmmmm", but Peggy's voice was heard through the phone about something like time for meeting. Ren let out a deep breath and said, "You take care of those things, See you soon. Love You, Anna". Ria replied with same "Hmmmm" and hung up the phone.

Now, Ren wanted to kiss the hell out of her. Then rest of the meeting went in a foul mood. After the meeting, Ren picked some ice creams and cakes for the kids. His mood lightened only when he saw the little ones playing on the garden with Nash and Violet.


Ria had just finished one of her interviews and some meetings. She is on her way to have lunch and then one of the interview with another media channel and then she is off to I country. Since she worked her ass off, her work schedule has been cleared way before.

She booked an early flight and she would reach I country by early morning that is three hours before. "Is it okay to say about you getting married?", Peggy asked. Ria thought about it and said, "I think it is fine, She asked me whether I had a boyfriend with a smug look right after asking how my kids were doing. So I gave it to her. What is wrong in marrying my children's father?"

Peggy sighed and said, "Nothing is wrong. You might have, you know, said it a bit more politely. The atmosphere became awkward with the way you put it and she seemed anxious for the rest of the interview".

I shrugged my shoulders and said, "She deserved it!" Emma laughed out loud and said, "It is nice to see the naughty child once in a while". Ria stuck her tongue out at Emma.

Then they had an amazing Italian lunch and went to the next Media Channel. Emma went to park the car while Ria and Peggy walked to the elevator. When the elevator opened, in an exquisite dark grey suit Aaron came out along with a woman in a business attire.

His face lit up the second he saw Ria standing outside. He immediately talked to her, "Didn't Miss Ria say that she was in I country, what brings you here?" Ria knew this guy was intentionally asking but she can't be rude to him as he is an business partner. She forced a smile and said, "I have an interview to attend now and will be leaving right after it. Later, CEO Shen".

Then she entered the elevator without waiting to hear his response. He said as the doors started to close, "Got it, See you later!" Then he walked towards the entrance to leave, suddenly he remembered something and told his assistant to arrange it for him.

Ria's next interview went very smooth, the reporter was a trend follower so she knew about most of

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