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"I love you, Anna".

Her cheeks became pink, she kept quiet then leaned in and kissed his hair. He lifted his head resting his chin on her nape. He looked so lovely and young with these actions.

His eyes sparkled as he said, "I wanna know everything, Anna. Everything you did, you achieved, your passion, your struggles and the way our kids entered your life. You have no idea how much I regret letting you go years back.

I love you so much, Anna. I needed three years to realise our lost love. Don't make me wait for too long, Anna. I don't think I can handle that". Tears descended from Ria's eyes. 'This is man has excelled so much in sweet talking', Ria thought.

Ren closed the inches between them, his lips brushed her lips.

"Papa, Mama, Whath arre you doing?", Diya's voice was heard. Ren's head hung low and hit her nape, Ria laughed. Ren said while trying to smile, "Nothing, sweety. You go and continue with the game".

Diya shook her head and asked, "Papa? Where you thrying tho kiss mama's mouth?" Ria covered her mouth and laughed shyly. Ren raised his eyebrows into an arch and he also smiled shyly. He didn't know how to answer her so he hugged the little one and kissed her cheeks.

Diya squinted her eyes and said, "Bhoys shouldn't khiss ghirls". Ren raised one of his eyebrows and asked her, "So daddy shouldn't kiss you?" Diya shook her head again and said, "Diya ish a little ghirl, sho papa can khiss me! But Mama is bhig ghirl, you shouldn't khiss her!"

Ren scratched his head and looked helplessly at Ria. She shrugged her shoulders and looked at the little one. Ren patted Diya's head and said, "Daddy and Mommy are husband and wife. So we can kiss and do others things..." Ria smacked his head before he could finish.

He shouted in pain, "Ouch.." She gave him a glare and said to Diya, "Papa is allowed only to kiss you and me. Okay, sweetheart?" Diya nodded obediently. Ren protested, "I also said the same thing!" She raised one of her eyebrows at him. He winked at her.

Then Ren stood up holding the little one in one arm and Ria in other arm. Ria was holding the sleeping Varun. They left the conference room and went to his room. The kids were left in the couch.

Ria called her parents while sitting on the sofa with Ren and explained what happened. Ofcourse not the truth, something similar to what Ren told.

Ria holded the speaker in the hand and asked Ren, "When will we go to home?" Ren took the phone from Ria's hand and spoke deligently, "Good evening Aunty Valerie, Me and Anna are planning to do a commercial like I said yesterday. We just finished audition, we have still more works to do.

It would be so stressful for her and kids to keep travelling all the time. So, I got an apartment close to my office, they will stay here for the time being. We will get married soon anyway, I will take good care of them, you don't have to worry about anything". What Ren meant is, 'I have no idea, about letting them out

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