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Diya explained in her childish voice that, when she woke up in the morning Ria came out of the bathroom. And then Ria coaxed her to sleep but Varun also woke up soon enough. She then coaxed both of them saying she has work to do today and not to trouble Papa. And that she will make up for leaving early today.

Later they both entered their dream world. Ren didn't say anything while he listened quietly to the little one's explaintion. After she finished he gave her a kiss on the forehead and looked outside into the distance.

The car pulled up at the entrance of the Kozhaksi Corporation. A steady set of legs wearing handmade customised brown shoes was visible. Next, two little red candies looking white and cute came out. A man whose face which resembled the little ones with an entirely different aura looking as stunning as possible with his chin up came out.

Without batting an eyelid he scooped the little ones in his arms and walked towards the entrance. Everyone stopped what they were doing to watch them, they can't get used to it even though it's been almost a month.


The rest of the day went in peace, as Ren and Ria never bumped into each other. Both of them avoided the other but they coordinated very well with each other, actually with each other's secretary to take care of the kids.

They both were tight in work too, as there were new projects and wedding preparations going on side by side. Ren and Ria's wedding costumes are complete and will be there by tomorrow.

Ria fed the little one's and then she ate dinner with Peggy. After they were finished with the dinner she said, "Ask Ren to take kids home, I still have some corrections regarding the designs for the competition". Peggy replied, "I got it, Ria". She stood up to call Josh. Ria tugged the little marshamallows in the bed inside the lounge.

She then kissed their foreheads. They both giggled as she tickled them simultaneously. She then kissed their nose. She said softly like a wind's ruffle, "Mommy has more work to do. Daddy will be here soon, behave well. Okay?" Diya gave a cute nod while Varun said, "Yes, Mama".

She gave them an one last kiss before whispering, "Mommy loves you both". Then she left the lounge, her phone rang immediately.


Peggy was not in the office outside, so Ria thought that she left to her office. Ria picked the files using her right hand and used her other hand to attend her phone.

She kept the phone on her left ear while her shoulder supported it as she slide her head to one side. Aaron's voice was heard, "Hello, Ria". She smiled and said as she opened the door using the left hand, "Hello, Aaron".

The atmosphere froze as soon as Ren saw the smile on her face when she said 'Hello, Aaron'. He came to look for his kids as soon as Josh informed him. He thought Ria would be gone by this time untill he opened the door to find her cherry red lips whispering those words.

She looked so mature and cute at the Cream with red stripes V-neck blouse with a cream pencil skirt. Ren took a second to observe her curves slowly and his eyes landed on her lips again. As soon as Ria saw the handsome hunk her heart stopped beating as she encountered trouble breathing.

Though she was as angry as hell, not seeing him for an entire day had worn out the anger. They both stared at each other without saying anything. Josh saw this from a distance and stopped in his track not wanting to get into trouble.

Aaron who was on the other side has been talking for a minute but there was no reaction. He even checked twice to see whether the phone was still connected.

Peggy who came out of Ria's office to look for Ria saw the scene and closed the door immediately. On hearing that sound they both came to reality. Both of them said nothing but Ren moved forward to hold the door for her.

Ria came out lokking straight into his eyes, then Ren walked past her to open the door opposite to his office. He hel

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