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Ren thought of some way to trap Ria. He turned and said to the police officers, "Thank you for your concern officers. We have found the culprit. I would like to handle it myself. If I need any further help I will call you, definitely".

The police officers didn't know what to say, they just left after hearing Ren's words. Darren went with police officers to see them off. The outside walls of the office after 30th floor are bullet proof fibre glasses.

There are shutters to cover the fibre glasses which are opened every morning and closed before locking the office. The kids were standing outside in the end of the corridor and looking outside.

Ren was looking at them with a angel like face. Even his assistant Josh was startled seeing his face. Darren came back with longs steps and asked anxiously, "Brother, you know the culprit?"

Ren didn't reply him, he ordered Josh, "Get someone to clean the mess. Change the tea table and arrange my table neatly. I want a big couch at the corner of my room with some tables. You know... like childrens play area, with lots of cushions and pushies. And....

shift my table next to the couch and rearrange the room. Lastly, bring some fruits which was cut into small pieces". Josh noted everything down and nodded with a smile. Darren was just smiling without saying anything.

Josh asked, "Is there anything else sir?" Ren thought for while and said, "Bring the files to my lounge and prepare for the meeting at noon." Then Ren strolled to his kids and squatted down. He said happily opening his arms, "Let's go".

Both of them ran into his arms. He lifted them both in one scoop and walked to his room. He walked over the mess and went into his lounge. The CEO room was divided into two halves. One was his office room and the other was lounge, his resting room.

He went to the door and asked to Varun as his hands was full with two marshmallows, "Can you open it for me, little guy?" Varun nodded and unlocked the door knob. Ren pushed the door open with his legs. His lounge was like a funished apartment.

There was another door on his left as soon as they opened the door which led to a big bathroom. As they went past it, the room had a king size bed at the farthest edge. It had a row of furnished shelves and sofa with tea table on the left, an computer table on the right and a refrigerator beside sofa.

Ren put the kids on the bed. The bed was near the fibre glass walls. They could see the city ouside as Ren opened the curtains. Their eyes were shining brightly. Ren called one of his secretaries to buy some drawing materials for Varun.

He sat with them and played till the materials arrive. After some time, a beautiful lady in a maroon formal suit knocked on the door while holding a big bag, beside her stood a man with a drawing board and a drawing stand.

Ren said with a playful voice as he was smiling with his kids, "Come in". They didn't know whose laughter was that and entered the room

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