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Ren was almost finished with his breakfast but he deliberately ate slowly. He was fully aware that Ria was stealing glances at him since he was concentrating entirely on her. He couldn't understand his emotions himself, he felt that she looked so cute and adorable with that dishevelled hair.

At the same time he was angry since she lied through her teeth saying that she spent the night with her mother. 'Anyway I will get to the bottom of it, let's see what colour your face will become then', Ren sneered in his mind.

Ria's coarse voice was heard when she asked, "Can I move out of this mansion, Father?" Everyone stopped what they were doing at that instant and looked at Ria. Ren sent daggers at her. She smiled as though she didn't know who is Ren.

Brent said with great pressure as he could sense Ren boiling up, "Um... What is it? Are you uncomfortable with anything? Or Did this guy bully you? Tell me, I will take care of it, Ria". All the others except Ren nodded in unison. Ria shook her head like a doll and said, "Nope! not like that, Father.

Wedding functions will start next week so it is necessary to stay at my parent's house. There will be lots of occasions and rituals to attend. My friends and relatives will be there by the day after tomorrow. So it will be perfect if I leave today".

Brent felt that it was reasonable and looked at Ren who was sitting beside him. Ren snorted the moment he heard her mention her relatives. He stood up and said coldly, "Do as you wish. You are already treating this place as a hotel, coming and going as you please. Why act like you care?".

He didn't wait for anyone's reply and went upstairs. Violet's lips twitched as she said looking at Ria lovingly, "That guy, don't mind him dear. He is just upset that you are leaving". Ria forced a smile at her. Brent let out a sigh and said, "We will miss the little ones".

Ria smiled and said, "You just give me call when you want to see them, Father. I will send them here". Brent also smiled and pinched Varun's cheek. Ria looked at Nash who was eating quietly and asked, "Can you do me a favour, Nash?" He looked at her face and gave her a little nod.

Ria continued, "Can you help me get an invitation? I haven't seen one". Nash was finished with his breakfast, he said with a simple smile, "Sure, I will send one to your office". Ria smiled at him in return. Then both Darren and Nash stood up to leave, but Ria remembered something suddenly and called them, "Hey!"

They both looked back, Ria continued, "Both of your wedding costumes will be available by afternoon". Darren face brightened as he said, "Great! We will collect it during the photo shoot session in the evening". Ria was confused as she titled her head to one side.

Darren sped back to dinning table and imitated Ren's cold voice, "Don't tell me you forgot it. Today evening at 4 o clock sharp, your wedding photos will be taken". Ria chuckled along with the little kittens and said, "How could I forget? I will be there on time!"

She gulped the vanilla milkshake and stood up to inform Peggy. She had asked Peggy to send her clothes directly to Raj Mansion along with other's. She also had to make an appointment with her friend for make over. She rushed to her room as Violet was taking care of the little ones.

She walked straight to the bed side table and picked her phone. She was about to press the call button, his icy voice was heard, "Where were you till this morning?" Ria jumped in her place and shouted, "Oh My God! Ren. You gave me a heart attack".

She turned to look at him, he was leaning on one side of the door with folded hands. His face was devoid of emotions. Ria knew he is angry, she took a deep breath and said slowly, "I was really with Mom, yesterday. She...."

Ren interrupted her, "What were you doing in the middle of the city then?" Ria's eyebrows furrowed as she asked, "Where you spying on me?" His lips twitched as he sneered, "What happened t

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