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vilookup > ME LOVE YOU > 68 An unrequited love.
When their eyes met, Lucy felt her heart shake a bit. She slightly widened her eyes while Aaron lips curled up which made her heart beat raise . She immediately took her coolers and wore it. When she was standing closer to him, Lucy raised her hand for a handshake and said, "Hello, Mr.Shen. I'm Lucianna..."

Before she could finish, he said, "Ria's Sister" and took her hand standing up. Lucy smiled a bit at his accent and nodded. He retrieved his hand then gestured her to have a seat and took his own seat. Lucy settled and gave a slight nod at Cassie. Then she asked politely, "Do you have any suggestions, Mr. Shen or shall we go with my plans?"

Aaron said curiously, "With your plans, Miss Lucianna". Lucy nodded again while taking out a notebook from her bag, then she said casually, "You both can address me as Lucy". Cassie replied with a smile while Aaron said, "Then you can address me as Aaron".

Lucy raised her head and smiled. Then she looked at her notebook and said, "First we will go to Mahabalipuram, the old Monuments there are centuries old and it contains lots of history of C city. Then we will go to the beach near the place. Then we will have lunch in a nearby restaurant which is famous for delicacies of I country.

Then we will move to the Government Museum of C City. During the evening we will go to Marina Beach, the world's second largest beach. We will take a stroll there and have street foods nearby. Then we will go shopping in T Nagar and we will have our dinner in the Rain Forest restaurant. I have already booked a table for us".

Aaron was listening to her silently and when he was sure she had finished, he said, "You came well prepared, Lucy". She smiled a bit on hearing him. Then she asked as if she remembered something, "Are you picky about food? Because the restaurants I chose are not that much of High Class. But the food is healthy and tasty".

Her eyes was not visible but her expression showed that she is a foodie when she talked about food, Aaron smiled at her behaviour and said, "Of course not. I'm always in for good food". Cassie asked some questions about safety and other things. After coming to a conclusion the group stood up and left the lobby.

They went to the parking lot, while walking Aaron said with a gentle smile from his heart, "You look a lot like your sister, except her frame is bit petite". The moment Lucy saw his smile, she understood that he definitely has feelings for her sister. She has seen her brother-in-law smile like that, only at Ria.

She said to her heart, 'Look he has an unrequited love. Stop jumping for no reason and you have an owner already'.

That's when she remembered Martin for the first time since she laid eyes on Aaron. When she realised it, she felt some uneasiness. She pushed the thought to the back of her mind immediately and said with a smile, "Yeah, We hear that a lot. When we wear same types of clothes they often mistake us for twins".

Aaron nodded u

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