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On the way to Milan, Ria kept thinking about her little marshmallows and the big marshmallow. For a while Peggy asked some doubts about the sketches and schedule. They both talked some business. The time flew by and she reached Milan by 8 o clock in the morning.

Emma was waiting for them to arrive and as soon as she saw Ria, she rushed to her and gave her big hug. Ria chuckled and said, "Slow down, Emma! You are kind of crushing me!" Emma smiled and retracted from the hug then said, "Well, I missed you Boss!"

Then she said as she extended her hand towards Peggy , "It's nice to meet you officially, Peggy". They shook hands and Peggy said, "The pleasure is mine, Vice-president Emma". Ria raised one of her eyebrows and said, "Vice-president.... Emma"

Emma lifted her hands and said with a big smile, "Yeah, it's me! But you guys can call me, Emma!" All the three laughed and walked to the car. Emma drove the car and Peggy was next to her while Ria sat in the back.

Ria called Ren the next moment she entered the Car. The line was connected at the first ring, "Anna?", a deep anxious voice came from the other side. Ria's face melted and relaxed in an instant. "Let me guess, It must be your darling!", Emma's voice was heard from the driver's seat.

Ria stuck out her tongue for Emma to see in the rear mirror. Then she spoke in the phone, "Chèrie". Emma commented, "French ah?" Ria squinted her eyes at Emma. The voice from the other end was heard, "Miss you, Anna". A streak of Red spread through Ria's cheeks.

Emma said, "Someone's blushing ah?" Ria said in the phone, "One minute, Chèrie". Then she holded the speaker of the phone in her hands and said to Emma, "Don't you want a Bonus for the Autumn Fashion Success, Emma?" Her eyes widened and looked at Ria pitifully.

Ria continued, "Then focus your senses on the road". Emma nodded looking at the road. Then Ria's voice changed very gentle, "Chèrie?" She called. "Yep!", Ren replied. Ria said, "Flight has landed, we are going to the company with Emma now".

Ren said, "Okay, sweety. Don't forget your breakfast". Ria replied, "Yeah, We will pick something on the way. What about the kids..." They both chatted for a while and then she chatted with the kids for the entire way to office.

Breakfast was arranged with a Business partner and the three ladies attended it. After that, Ria rushed to her factory and checked the materials. She was satisfied with what they had and then she talked to the manufactures about new materials required for the commercial and her wedding dress.

The manager congratulated her regarding the wedding and enquired about Ren. She blushed when she talked about Ren and their wedding. Then she went to have an early lunch and the next meeting went on till evening. They discussed about fashion show and the commercial.

Then she mentioned about Sana to them and showed her pictures. Another four models were to be selected and the audition details are to be pos

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