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"Get the f*ck out, Mr.Kozhaksi. I will call you after I take a bath".

Ren stood up from the bathtub and he sneezed. "Dry your body and hair too. Go, immediately!", Ria said in a commanding tone. Ren looked at her and thought about how much he missed her commanding tone. Then he leaned towards her.

Ria stopped breathing and looked at his eyes, Ren's lips curved up then he gave her a kiss on the forehead. Ria covered her face with her hands realising how her thoughts went crazy the moment he leaned towards her.

Ren went out of the bathroom and changed his clothes. He used a dryer and dried his hair but he sneezed again and his head started to hurt. He took a pain relief immediately and went out to check on his kids. Ria who was inside the bath felt somewhat lonely, now.

She cursed herself, 'What have you done, Ria? Three years resolve, it only took three days for him to break that. I don't get it, Ria. What are you going to do if he hurt you again? Are you that stupid? Idiot! As soon as he touched you, you melted away! Stupid!'

Another part of Ria thought, 'Maybe it is not that bad, Ria. Whatever you say, you love him. He is willing to be with you again. Not only you cried for him abandoning you, you also cried because you wanted him back again. Moreover didn't you say to Emma that you will give him another chance.

Even if nothing, he can help you with your business so it's a win-win situation. Trust him, he loves you!'

Ria blushed, she hugged her knees together and remembered every words Ren said. Her heart beat is rising just thinking about it. She splashed the water in happiness. She removed his shirt and took a relaxed bath. Her body feels a bit better than before but still she couldn't walk freely.

She called Ren after she finished taking the bath. He came as soon as she called him once, like he was waiting for her at the entrance. He gave her a towel and his eyes examined her naked body under the water. "Turn around", Ria said raising her eyebrows.

Ren smirked and looked at her without moving his scorching gaze over her. Ria said, "My rules, remember?" Ren frowned and turned around. Ria tried to stand up and got out of the tub. When moved towards him, her legs buckled and she landed on Ren's broad back. "Don't turn", she immediately said.

Ren didn't move, Ria took the towel from his hands and she wraped it around her. "You can turn now", Ria said looking down. She was leaning on Ren for support. He grabbed her and turned around then he took her in his arms.

Ren smiled and leaned into her ears then said, "You don't look any less sexy with the towel on, sweetheart". Ria hided her face into Ren's embrace, her ears were red. Ren smiled and kissed her ears. Then he let her down on the bed. He dried her hair and gave her a shopping bag.

It had a grey business suit with bottom down fitting skirt and inner wear. He helped her get into the clothes, he pinched her and teased on the process for which Ria

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