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Aaron was a bit off because of the text earlier but he did all he could to maintain a clear face. Ren was the one, who started the conversation, "Was your room comfortable for you, CEO Shen? If you need anything you can ask my Secretary Josh directly. He will help you with it".

Aaron gave a formal smile and said, "Everything is fine, President Kozhaksi. About the contract..." They talked about the contract for half an hour. Both party was satisfied about the partnership from the start so there was nothing much to discuss rather than the clause of the contract.

After the discussion was over Ren asked for the food to be served but he only had some starters and wine. Aaron asked curiously, "Is the rose in your pocket the reason for you having just starters, President Kozhaksi?" Ren smiled for the first time and that is an informal one.

Even Aaron's eyes were affected a bit, then his voice was heard, "My wife will be here soon, we are having a date later". Aaron's admiration for Ren grew, not only is he succesful at this age he also has a woman he loves dear. Aaron's mind directly went to Ria's face when she bit farewell this morning at the airport.

Ren's voice interrupted Aaron's thought but he didn't hear clearly as he said in a apologetic tone, "Sorry, I didn't hear you properly". Ren looked at him with a surprised expression, because Aaron had this extreme level of concentration when they talked about business.

He smiled and said, "I asked, do you have any plans tomorrow as the presentation is only on day after tomorrow. If you don't, I can arrange some tour for CEO Shen".

Aaron shook his head and said, "Oh! It is fine, President Kozhaksi. I just thought of sight seeing tomorrow with my friend who is here. I don't know if she will be available, I will inform your secretary after I conform with her".

Ren gave slight nod understandingly and said to enlighten the mood, "I didn't know that CEO Shen had a friend here". But after he asked that, Ren felt he was being talkative today and he had this feeling that he had seen this guy before somewhere.

Aaron's face immediately brightened on thinking about her and unexplainable curve appeared on his lips. Curiosity built up inside Ren but he also felt uncomfortable somehow. Since Ren was waiting for a response, Aaron thought about what to say for a while and finally said, "Well, I was friendzoned and she is really a beauty in the circle back in our country".

Ren chuckle a little and in a friendly tone, "Friendzoned ah? Look like this beauty is a lot to handle, CEO Shen". Aaron chuckled immediately, "To tell the truth, I courted her but.... she is getting married soon". Ren felt bad for him as he said, "Well, Cheer up CEO Shen. Maybe she is not the one meant for you".

Aaron gave a faint smile written sad all over it and said, "Maybe!" Ren immediately said, "Don't get depressed, CEO Shen. I can introduce you to some girls if you want". Aaron laughed and said, "You can

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