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Aaron felt a heavy pain on his chest, he didn't know why. He was simply attracted to her, nothing much. 'No need for this much reaction, hero', he said to himself. Both of them talked through the night until Ria dozed off while talking.

Aaron asked for a blanket and laid it over her. Then he dozed off. When he woke up that blanket was over him while Ria was sipping a cup of black coffee. They kind of grew more closer on that one night, he had no idea that Ria was such an easy going type.

Behind everything she put on, she is just a little girl with lot of life inside. He kind of hated him for giving up so fast but if he didn't say that he might have never had these moments with her. Ria sensed his eyes on her and said looking at him with a bright smile, "Good morning!"

Aaron's heart beat raised with that smile and he cleared his throat as no words came out. Then he said, "Good morning, Ria". She said while sipping, "I thought of waking you up after finishing this, we are near. Straighten your seat".

Aaron nodded and obeyed as she said. Then they chatted for rest of the time. After landing, Ria introduced Peggy to Aaron and vice versa. The three along with Aaron's secretary exited the airport and Aaron offered her a ride as no one was there to pick her up.

But Ria politely rejected it, saying that no one knew she is coming and lots of drama will happen because of her sudden visit. And that they will really meet again. As they had already exchanged phone numbers, he didn't push her further.

He left with a heavy heart. Ria hailed a taxi, she dropped Peggy at her apartment first then went to Kozhaksi Mansion. It was early morning 5 'o' clock, she was not sure whether Ren was awake or asleep. The Mansion was quiet except for the gardeners and workers cleaning.

Two servants took Ria's luggage and followed her to Ren's room. She thanked him and asked him to go after reaching Ren room's door. She slowly opened it, but the room was clean and empty. She dropped the luggages inside the room and went to look for them.

In the next room on her left, they were sleeping soundly when she opened the door. The room was modified to the kids taste. Her heart filled with warmth as she looked around and then her eyes fell on her marshmallows. She climbed the bed immediately after tossing her shoes on the floor.

She laid on the bed between Ren and the little ones on his left. She cuddled the little ones and kissed their faces as much as she wanted. Her waist was suddenly grabbed and pulled over. She was now lying above Ren as his deep dark eyes looked into her sparkling eyes.

Ren raised one of his eyebrows and said, "What do we have here? Miss thief sneaking into our room, cuddling and kissing my kids ah?" Ria leaned towards his face straight to his lips. At an inch apart distance she whispered, "Surprise!"

Ren's pupil shrunk as he immediately captured her lips. He sucked her upper lip and nibbled it. She slowly ope

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