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"You never once said 'I love you' since you came back, Anna".

Ria gave him a mischevious smiled as she said, "I will say when I want to!" Ren asked pitifully, "You don't want to, now?" She thought for a minute and said, "Not exactly!" He looked at her without saying anything and Ria continued, "Listen, Chérie. I will say it when I feel like it. I have lived alone for three years without anyone to lean on".

She rolled her eyes and said, "Expect for Emma....

I have raised two kids and went through hardships. Yeah you were hurt when I left, but I left because I was hurt. Give it some time". He didn't say anything and hugged her. Ria protested and raised her head to look at him.

Then she said raising one of her eyebrows, "Don't think I didn't notice, take your hands off. Behave Mr.Kozhaksi, we are still in the restaurant". He was the one who smiled mischievously now, as he moved his hands upwards, she opened her mouth to complaint. "Hey!" But that was the most she could say as Ren crashed into her lips.

Ren's hands moved upwards as he grazed her thighs side ways slowly and went to her waist and to her bosom. It lastly rested on her cheeks as he pulled her towards him. He kissed her lips as a whole for a while and then bit her lower lip. She moaned in pain and punched his shoulder as she struggled to get away from his teeth.

Ren let go and started to suck on her lower lips. The pain turned to pleasure in a second as she warped her arms around him and leaned on him. Judging her acceptance he pushed his tongue in asking for acceptance. Ria slowly opened her mouth giving him access.

The tongues twirled inside her mouth. Both of them enjoyed the moment with closed eyes and moaning sounds while they fought for dominance.


Knock was heard again, both of them decided to ignore it. Since no one said anything for a while, Josh raised his voice a little so that they could hear him from inside, "Everything is prepared, President". As soon as he heard it, Ren let her go and stood up carrying her.

"Can't we go home?", Ria asked raising her head to look at him as he walked to the door. Ren didn't say anything as he shoulder opened the door and went out. As soon as they were out Ria buried her face inside Ren's embrace. The hallway was empty except for Josh who had the room card. They walked to the elevator.


A romantic dinner, atleast that was what it is supposed to be. But Lucy was counting the cars that passed by the restaurant while eating an juicy steak. Her date was talking in the phone for about an hour. She turned to look at the young man opposite to her, whose eyes never left her since he entered the cabin but his mind was busy with the phone.

He looked quiet handsome in the brown suit he was wearing and his black hair was gelled back. His brown eyes never left Lucy's face since the moment he stepped in. This young man was the General Manager of Orion Enterprises, Martin Orion. He was given this position last year and he is going to take over the company soon from his father.

He is an hardworking person, he was the one who proposed to Lucy. They met for the first time a year ago. Martin's grandfather had an heart ache while traveling in a flight from I country to A country for visiting a friend. Martin accompanied him due to his health issues, since the ache started on the way above sea they couldn't turn back to I country.

Lucy was also present in that flight, she stepped in and helped him stablize his ache by acupuncture technique. The old man fell into sleep for the rest of the flight and they both rushed him to the hospital as soon as they landed. Martin was attracted to Lucy the moment he laid eyes on her.

Martin chased Lucy for the entire stay they both had in A country. He chased her for almost 4 months untill she gave up. But for almost the past 2 months he is so busy to give her any attention. Although that was not his intention but he couldn't help

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