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As soon as Ria entered the room, Darren pulled Peggy's wrist. After the door is closed, Darren locked the door. Peggy asked in a high pitch, "What are you doing?" Darren smiled and said, "They need to talk it out. Let's go". Peggy walked past him and went to her room.

Darren didn't mind her, he was already kind of annoyed by his Brother. He remembered the words Ren said to him when he came to the room.


Darren asked as soon as he saw Ren, "Did You and Sister-in-law had a fight?" Ren didn't even look at his face, he replied, "Kind of! Did you do everything I said?"

Darren nodded at him and asked, "What are you going to do? How are going to convince her?" Ren looked at him this time and said, "We will have another child, everything will be fine after that". Darren's jaw dropped hearing it.

Ren looked at his phone and said, "Now, get out and make sure your Sister-in-law enters this room. Alone!" Darren scoffed and thought, 'Don't you have any mercy on me?'


Ria saw Ren sitting in the sofa leisurely with his hands on the sofa head. He looked at her with murderous intent. Ria ignored him and turned around to leave the room. Ren was in no hurry, he knew she can't leave this place without his consent.

Ria found out just now that she is alone with this guy and the door is locked. She took a deep breath and asked Ren normally, "Why the door locked, Ren?" He didn't reply her. She didn't move from her place because he may do some stunt as there is only she and him in the room.

"I asked a question, Ren. Why is door locked? Where is everyone?", Ria asked as her tone increased a bit. He didn't say anything again, she gave up talking to him and sat on the floor. 'Only he can make himself talk, Stubborn *ss', Ria thought.

The worst is, the room is full of mirrors, she could only see him wherever she turn to. After few minutes, Ren stood up from his place and walked towards her. Ria immediately stood up. He came close to her, she looked down.

Ren walked past her then touched the door knob and turned it. Ria let out a sigh. The door didn't open ofcourse he know, he just checked it again. He walked towards her and asked, "Where were you?" His tone was so sharp and she was startled by it.

This time Ria didn't reply, she looked at him arrogantly. Ren saw her swelled red eyes, her red cheeks and nose more than her arrogant look. His heart ached seeing her like this. He thought, 'Why this woman always does things, that I don't like?'

He let a out heave sigh and said, "Let's talk about what happened in the bathroom". Ria shook her head. Ren chuckled at her and said, "Your face looks like a pumpkin". Ria's chest raised high and low showing that she is angry.

She stomped past him to the door. But the door was locked right! She raised her hand to knock the mirror door. But, Ren picked her up then put her on his shoulder and carried her to the sofa. Ria refuted while punching his back , "Hey!!! let me down you Scoundrel!"

Ren smirked and put her on the sofa. He didn't give her any opening to move. He climbed upon her and pinned her on the sofa. He then asked with a grin, "Scoundrel ah? Want to know what a scoundrel will do?"

Ria's face became more red and she opened her mouth to scold him. But she ended up giving him a chance to kiss her.

Ren kissed her lips, nibbled it. She kept punching him in his chest and he let her do it. He sucked her lower lip without any pause. Ria was already having trouble with breathing, when he sucked her lower lip she took the chance to breathe in air.

It was only for few seconds, he moved to her upper lip and played with it. Ren's hands moved to her waist from the sofa. Ria's body flinched, Ren stopped and looked at her. Her eyes were half open and looking at his eyes. She looked so tempting and seductive.

Her face looked like a tomato, her lips, her cheeks, her nose. Ren wanted to eat her up. He was sitting above her, so his reaction for

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