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Ria was looking outside, Diya was playing games in her dad's phone. Varun was enjoying the ride like he was the one driving. Emma was talking about promotion for the new collection with the manager of PR department.

When she is finished with the call, Ren asked, "Ria, is she talking about your new collection?" Ria turned her head to look at him and said, "Uh huh". He asked furthur to develop the conversation, "When are you releasing the collection?"

Ria said causally, "We have just started the project. There is an award ceremony to be held in two months duration. So we are planning to release the collection with limited pieces before the ceremony." Ren said excitedly, "Oh! I can help with promotions and publicity, If you..."

Before he could finish Ria interrupted, "Mind your own business!" Emma almost laughed out loud and she thought, 'That is our boss! No space for guys. But the thing is she avoided others because of this guy, now why is she avoiding him too?'

Ren laughed out and said, "Okay! Okay! Nothing personal, I just wanted my company models to do your fashion show". Ria thought about his words for a while, 'Free promotions inturn for the show? Not a bad offer. But what if his models destroyed my show?'

After few minutes, Ria said, "I will hold auditions after the pieces are finished, that time we will see." Then she said to herself, 'We are just talking about business Ria, so its not a problem. And we can punish him by making him spend more money on promotions'.

Ren interrupted Ria's thoughts, "Where are going first?" She replied, "We are going to VKC Bazaar. You are going to your office, I will call you when we finish. You can pick us up." Diya said tilting her head, with her bright dazzling eyes pointed towards Ria, "Mama, why kan't papa gho with ush?"

Ria had a big smile in her face when she looked at her kid's adorable face. She cuddled Diya more and said softly, "Oh! Sweety, Daddy has more work at the office. So he can't come, we four of us will go okay?"

Diya thought for a while and she looked at her father's face. Ren deliberately made a sad face, Diya said, "I will gho with papa tu offish. You shop with brother and Emma mom". Ria's face fell, she tried to calm herself down and said soflty, "Sweetheart, daddy will be busy. we shouldn't disturb him."

This time Ren spoke, "Let them come with me, Ria. You guys will be shopping and moving here and there. If the kids come with me, they will stay safe and don't have to get tired too." Ria refuted back, "I know how to keep my children safe. You have no need to worry about that."

Ren was a bit annoyed by her sudden attack of words, he said with s forced smile, "If you get angry for everything I say, I have no other choice but to bite you." Ria thought, 'Did I hear him say bite me?' Emma chuckled then Ria turned back and raised her eyebrows. Emma showed her teeth and looked out.

Varun said, "I alsho want tu gho tu Papa's offish". Diya added, "Pleashhhh!" Ria raised her hands up and said, "Fine! you guys win."

Ria said to Ren, "Give Diya your mobile or any computer she will play games and give Varun a sketch book. They won't disturb you. Give them some fruits inbetween. No fried items, baked items are allowed. Don't give too much icecreams for Diya she will get cold easily.

Don't give Varun anything with cashew. He is allergic to it. And lastly, if they need something, they won't ask they will just find you. You have to ask them what they want. Keep an eye on them, don't you dare leave them alone in any room."

Ren said without hestitation, "Copy that!" Ria rolled her eyes and said, "Repeat what I just said!" Ren who was driving stopped the car and said looking at her eyes, "Games, sketchbook, fruits, no frys, only bakes, less ice cream, no cashew and eyes open wide. Got it, sweetheart! And you have reached your destination, my princess"

Ria mumbled with disdain, "You and your sweet talk, rubbish!" Then she hu

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