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After she hung up, she was looking at the man in front of her. During the time they were together, he knew how to play all the outdoor games as he was sportman during his college days. But he was not into it all the time after college. She used to tell him to go to gym, but he never listened to her.

Now looking at his shoulder muscles, his six packs, his v line she was a bit... only a bit uh... excited. "Do you need me to take the towel off, to get a better look?", his deep voice sounded from the other end of the room. She then realised that she was practically eating him with her eyes.

She didn't say anything but stood up and went to her luggage. Ren revealed a mischievous smile and looked into his wardrobe. Ria took three towels one for her and the other two for the kids and toiletries pouch.

She then looked at Ren and said causally, "I have said to dad we will be there in an hour. Me and kids are going to take a shower. Can you tell aunty, uncle and everyone to get ready. I have given dad a headcount of 10"

Ren didn't say anything and asked her, "The white or the blue", while holding two shirts in his hands. Ria took a glance at the shirts and instinctively replied, "The white one".

The thought she was only going to be a guest here, for only today resurfaced. This a casual thing between them before, she will wear what he likes and vice versa.

She went to the bathroom holding towels and toiletries. Ren was picking his clothes very slowly while looking at what Ria is doing. Ria kept the things in the bathroom and came to pick the two marshmallows who were sleeping. The kids were not used to time differences so they were sleeping like a log.

Whenever she saw them sleeping, she saw Ren in them. But now that character is next to her she had this different feeling which made her reveal a faint smile. Ren won't let this chance go does he! As Ria took Diya in her hands, Ren took varun. Ria looked at him and said, "Its okay, I can handle them".

Ren gave a big smile and said, "Never too busy to help you!". She didn't reply anything and walked to the bathroom. Ren followed her obediently, the family of four entered the bathroom. Diya woke up as she realised her mom taking her clothes off.

Diya rubbed her eyes as she looked at her mom. Then she looked at her father she was still sleepy so she was slumpy. "Don't hurt yourself", Ria said to Diya as the probability of kids hurting themselves in the bathroom was high.

As Ria was squatting she stood up and took Varun from Ren's hands. Ren was obedient and he stood in the same place. But Ria, after she had Varun in her embrace she stared at Ren indifferently. Ren shrugged his shoulders asking 'what?'. Ria's eyes showed the door saying, 'Out!'

Ren looked oblivious even though he understood her gesture. She the said with a tinge of smile, "Get out!". Ren shook his head. Ria raised one of her eyebrows and tried to control her smile. Then said she pushed Ren and said, "Get out, its getting late".

Ren gave a helpless look and said, "But I want to bath with you... (cough)..... you guys" Ria smiled and said, "Can you get out please?" Ren felt his heart took a sharp hit by Ria's cuteness. He went out unwillingly and then Ria took a shower with her little twins. Her head was filled with a pool of thoughts.

Ria and the kids came out wearing towel but Ren was nowhere to be seen. In the bed, there was white sleeveless gown with lots of ribbons and flowers in it was placed. Which was not from her bag though. Ria smiled at the dress and looked at the little marshmallows who were roaming in the room.

She then dressed the little ones into penguins. They both then took the tablets from the back pack and did their respective works. She touched the white gown, if she put it on that means she accepts him. Tears slided from her eyes and she got dressed.

Ria packed her bag and other things. Its been an hour since she called her father. She came downsta

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