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The first meeting of the two hearts took place a decade ago. To her native town, Ria went for the celebration of Pongal* festival with her parents. The festival is celebrated for three days. She was a 13 year old girl during that time. Her sister Lucy was an 8 year old. There held stage shows, comedy shows, dance performances, fire performances and some competitions every year.

She was sitting in a chair among the crowd beside her little sister .Her cousin Neha and Neha's friend Naina was also there. Ria was watching the show, when she heard noises of some boys laughing and teasing behind. She turned her head back to see who are they. There was a bunch of guys who were talking among themselves and making noises.

Others around them looked like they were used to it. Most importantly they never disturbed others directly, only with their loud voices though. Suddenly she felt a guy's gaze on her. When they made eye contact, her skipped a beat.

She was at the age adolescence, the age of trying to get attention. She immediately turned front, she was analysing the situation whether the one he was looking at was her or not.

Without her own concern, she turned back again to see the young man.

He was also looking at her. The only thing that made her heart beat was his eyes that looked straight into her's, without budging. She turned front after few seconds of staring out of an unknown fear. She never turned back untill the end again. Then she reached home, thought about the young man. After the festival ended she left the town only knowing the name of the young man, 'Ren'.

This was their fateful encounter. However, it didn't turn into anything during that time it didn't mean the situation was the same after few years.


Unexpectedly, in the flight while dreaming about him, while thinking his name, tear drops descended from Ria's eye.


During childhood times Ria had a little inferiority complex towards her little sister. It is not like Lucy is beautiful than Ria. They are equally matched with similiar facial features except their eyes and mouth.

Ria has small eyes and mouth compared to her little sister. Lucy is a naughty and playfull girl compared to Ria so the cousins circle seeked her more during the childhood times. As the time moved she still stayed as the little girl while others matured so Ria eventually became a big sister to everyone. Ria was close to her family and relatives. Her mother has 2 younger sisters and an elder brother.

All of her siblings has a girl each and her third sister and first brother has a son each. Their cousin set is a pack of 7 members. They are together since childhood and were thicker than friends. During these 18 years Ria had her fair share of crushes she has even proposed few. But she still maintained her status as single.

Ria always gave others her complete trust and love which made her more vulnerable.

When she was around 15 years old, apart from her various crush she had a deep attraction towards her cousin from North India. That guy kept her hanging while giving her hope for the relationship. She chased him for two years but he fell for her elder cousin, which crushed her terribly making her heartbroken by that time.

She lapsed into the hands of her another cousin, son of her maternal uncle, Norwin. They became more than friends. When she realised that she was happy to be with him and became fond of him. She expressed her thoughts to him yet that Norwin maintained his distance from her after knowing what is in her mind. He only held her for pleasure and later discarded her.

During their childhood times they were partners in crime. Norwin and Ria were born on same month, same year while he was born a week before. They were so close friends later they became strangers. She never got an explanation for what he did. Later she found out that he was in a relationship with a girl from his school while being with her.

She lost al

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