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Before she could finish, she felt a warm and bubbly sensation emanating from her legs.

She looked down, her expression became more gentler. "Talk to you later Emma. Text me the time of the meeting." Before Emma could respond she hung up the phone. She squatted down and asked in a cute tone, "Did my baby wake up? Ah? Did you sleep well sweety?" Her 2 yr old boy looking bubbly with black hair and pink lips, rubbing his black eyes nodded.

The little guy hugged Ria and in turn hugged her. She lifted the little fella and walked inside while stroking the little guy's back. She went into their bedroom, there laid a cute little girl wearing pink colour frock with same features as the little guy. She was sleeping soundly.

Ria smiled at the little girl and then gently dropped the little guy beside her while Ria sat beside them. She said "Sleep for some more time darling. I will warm some milk for you guys." The little guy nodded and said in a low tone, " Okay Ma." She planted kiss on both the kid's forehead. After that she stood up and walked towards kitchen, the little guy lied beside the little girl.

Ria went to the kitchen and took the milk jar from the fridge along with some fruits. She loves to cook, she always prefer to eat at home rather than restaurants. She had the ability to create anything, if she once see how it is done. She uses youtube a lot.

She took the milk from the fridge. Simultaneously, she cut the fruits into very small pieces. She peeled the fruits outer skin and the pieces was so small in size, enabling 2 yr old children to eat those. She ate some pieces while she did a milkshake and toast for herself.

After everything was prepared she took them on a tray went out to lay it on the dinning table. She went to the bedroom to wake those two sleeping beauties, to her surprise they were already awake and playing with the pushies they have. The little guy likes lion dolls after the simba movie they saw last month on TV. The little girl like teddy bears.

They both can converse very well. They both love to have their mother's company, she will play them most of the time. When she works the kids will stay beside her doing whatever they want buy won't disturb her. She is a single mother so she made sure that her kids are independent from the starting stage.

"Time for breakfast. Come on sweethearts, lets goggle before having food ok?" She helped those two to get down from the bed. They walked wobbly towards the bathroom. She helped those two, then they came to have their breakfast.

The little guy looked at the milk glass and looked at Ria with puppy eyes, she hid her smile and asked him, "What is sweety? dont want milk?" The little guy nodded with a bright smile. "Me too!!!", the little girl also said with a bright smile.

Ria faced the little guy and asked teasingly, "When I said I will Warm the milk, you nodded. What about now?" He hung his head low and the little girl gave him a look like saying 'You

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