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After Ria left Ren picked his towel, closed the door and went to the bed. He saw the bags in the bed and opened it. Its been a while since someone bought him something. He is the one who buys things for his family. Even when they were together before, Ria always gave him gifts over small occasions.

He didn't know the gaps he had in himself until she is filling it again. To make that girl give in was very easy back then. She would be the one chasing him the entire time. She always talk philosophies like she needs his love only, just need him by her side.

She had even begged him to talk to her sweetly before she broke up with him. He understood how much he hurted her back then during these three years when she left him.

When he saw the things she bought, he felt the love she had for him after a long time. Everything matched his taste and style.

Ren picked the prussian blue suit from the two suits. He wore everything she bought for him and left his things there. He was a bit surprised, fitting was perfect and suited him very well. Vin walked to the dining table happily.

Ria was feeding the marshmallows when Ren's eyes saw her. Damien invited him to have breakfast as soon as he saw him, "Ren, come over and have breakfast." Ren nodded at his father-in-law-to-be and walked towards the table.

Ria noticed Ren when she heard her father call his name. She looked at him top to bottom like she did in the bedroom. Her face was expressionless. Ren thought, have to teach her some lesson.

He sat naturally next to Ria, he kissed both marshmallow's forehead who was sitting on top of the dining table. No one minded them sitting like that, Ren thought they are so cute. Ria didn't mind him, she was focused on feeding her kids which kind of made him a bit jealous.

He pinched Ria's waist, she made a "ssss.." sound. Everyone in the table looked at her, she smiled awkwardly and glared at Ren. Diya giggled looking at her parents, Ren winked at her. Ria looked for tissue to wipe kids mouth after feeding them.

Ren took the tissue and wiped their mouth. Then Ren said, "Get down both of you, Mommy needs to eat right?" He stood up and helped the kids down. They both went to watch TV. Aunty Susan brought freshly cut fruits in a bowl.

Valerie put some fruits in two small bowls and a toothpick in it, then gave it to the little ones. They were watching cartoon so they silently ate without any compulsion. Ren took another plate then picked some nutritious dishes and lots of salad and placed it in front of Ria.

Ria murmured, "Did I ask for your help?" Ren leaned into Ria's right ear and said, "You are welcome, darling". Emma walked towards the dining table and greeted everyone. When she saw Ren she was shocked by what he was wearing.

She looked at Ria while raising one of her eyebrows. Ria smiled at her showing her teeth then Emma shook her head and sat down.

When they were shopping in Milan two days back, Ria stood still in front

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