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Milan, Italy

At Navigli district, beside the canal there was an three bed room apartment with a hall, kitchen and a big balcony. The apartment has cream colour walls with honey colour coloured floral patterns and white colour ceiling. One master bed room is turned into a study room to work on designs and it had a spacious balcony with a view of the canal.

That room has lots of stacks of fashion magazines, books on fabrics, colour combination, fine arts and other related stuff.Lots of paper with sketches were scattered around the floor, while one paper is being encrypted with pencil.

A lady of around 24 yrs old with black brown long hair upto her waist with curls only at ends, wearing a short jeans upto her thighs and baby pink full sleeves hooded t-shirt standing beside a drawing board. The shorts complimented her long legs which made her look sexier and refreshing.

As ths wind enters through the open doors of the balcony, her hair flutters in happiness. Her pale skin shines in the sunlight that brightens the surrounding while her deep black small eyes that is focused in the paper where she is drafting makes her look more charming.

She frowns and bites her little rosy lips while thinking, then gave an warm smile when she thought of something and moved her hands.

Her puffy cheeks becomes more puffier when she smiles.


'Who the hell is disturbing me during my work time. You better have something important to talk!', she thought to herself.

She put her sketching pencil in the stand and took her smart phone and went to the balcony. When she looked at her phone it was her secretary Emma. Before the call ends exactly at the last dail, She picked the call.

She uttered in a cold and frustrated voice, "Hello! How many time have I told you? Not to disturb me when I am working with designs."

Emma is an easy going character and only she can manage her. Even though she felt a chill over her spine she maintained her casual tone, "I am sorry Boss! But it's an urgent matter. I have tell you immediately."

Before she could reply to Emma, "Wait! Wait! I will finish first then you can choose your standing to scold me or praise me. Miss Ria Raj, CEO and head designer of Diva Fashions, your company has been nominated for the Best Fashion setter of the year by the Milan trend Awards.

And the best part is you have been nominated for the Best Fashion designer Category!", Emma finished with an excited tone.

Ria was dumbfounded. She can't process the words, she heard now! She stood still at the balcony with her eyes widened. "Hello?.. Boss?.. There???", Emma kept calling.

After few seconds she sighed and took a deep breath then said, "Seriously? Are you joking just because I shouted at you?"

Now Emma was dumbfounded, she thought 'My crazy Boss, will anyone play in this field? Even if I did will you let me continue this job?' She opened her mouth, obviously not told what she thought, "God prom

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