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"Shall we?"

"Its okay aunty, I am not that tired", Ria tried to avoid being alone with Ren. Violet didn't have anything to reply for that sentence. But Ren came near Ria's ear and whispered, "Do you want me talk about the kids in front of everyone? I don't mind though!"

Ria pasted a smile in her face and slowly stood up. Ren followed her naturally and lead the way to his room. Violet shook her head thinking, 'These days younsters.....' and concentrated on Diya who was in her hand.

While on the way to the room, Ria maintained some distance with Ren. She already had her fair share of surprises for today. She didn't want to push her luck especially when being with Ren. Ria was focused on her thoughts, Ren saw that she maintained a distance and stopped in his path.

Ria didn't see that coming so she ran into his broad back and hurt her nose. "Ahhh..", Ria was rubbing her but Ren was smiling at her clumsiness. He was used to clumsy Ria not Bossy Ria. He turned back pulled her into his embrace and walked to his room while holding.

Ria struggled in his arms ended up being imprisoned in between his arms which was her once safest place in the world. Ria had her memories rushing to her which made her feel painful. As soon as they reached inside the room, Ren released her and let her into room.

Ria walked fastly into the room and took a deep breathe. Ren makes her breathing process irregular whenever he is around. Ria directly walked to the window and started to admire the scenery in front of her through the window. Ren approached Ria with steady steps.

As Ria recognised Ren's presence close to her she didn't dare to turn back and look at him.

Ren had this unexplainable amount of emotions inside him on seeing Ria in his room near the window. He always dreamt about her being next to him, he was filled with happiness and despair at the same time.

Ren extended his hands and turned Ria to face him with a force. The first thing he did was...


Ria was stunned by his action. She never thought he would slap her, of all the things he could do to her!

Ria took few seconds to process what was actually happening while Ren looked into her eyes without blinking and budging. Ria touched her left cheek which had four fingers embosed on it in red colour. Her eyes turned red and she opened her mouth to say, "How dare..."

Ren captured her lips with his by pulling her into his embrace. Ria refuted his actions but what can she do against a full grown man outweighing her strength. Ren kissed her with his eyes closed deliberately to avoid seeing her reaction. As he put his tongue in she bite it fiercely leaving him no choice but to retreat.

As he retreated she gave him a slap back but not as painful as he gave her. Obviously they will have their differences in strength.

Then Ria said, "How dare you hit me? Who do you think you are? Only if I say that you are my kids father, then you are! Get out of here, I don't w

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