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Ria was shocked to see Ren. She immediately closed her sketch book and stood up from the bed. Ren smiked at her reaction and said, "I am looking for someone, who hates me. Can you tell where she is?" Ria pretended to be angry and said, "You are looking at her!"

Ren took a step closer and said, "Really? Are you sure?" Ria was already at the edge of the bed, so she couldn't move. She nodded her head and moved her sketch book below the pillow without turning back. Ren pretended not to see it.

Ren smiled charmingly and asked, "How do you want our marriage to be done, sweetheart?" Ria still put up an upfront and said, "I prefer no marriage, honey!"

Ren pulled her waist and tossed the flowers on the bed. Then he said, "I'm fine with live in together also, sweetheart".

Ria pushed him and said, "In your dreams". Ren took few steps back but made his stand and pulled her again into his embrace. He said a bit wildly like controlling his anger and desire, "Well, my wife is the one having more desires to touch me than I am...."

Looking at Ria, who is not saying anything he continued, "I am always happy to satisfy you sweetheart". Ria face changed and she became angry it is real or not only she knows. She then said, "Let go of me, Ren". Ren shook his head and said seriously, "Agree to the marriage".

Ria smirked this time and said, "Even President Ren Kozhaksi can be desperate!" Ren smiled then leaned into Ria's left ears and said, "You wanna see me desperate ah?" He pushed Ria to the bed, she struggled to get off the bed.

She punched his chest, he caught her hand. With the other hand she aimed for his face, he caught her other hand too. He the sat upon her and pinned her down. He raised both of her hands above her head and then pushed them to the bed with his left hand. He loosened his tie with his right hand and tied her hands.

He then said with a devilish smile, "Looks like I have to tame my darling all over again". Ria immeditaley refuted, "You shame..." Before she could finish he kissed her fiercely. After few minutes, Ria couldn't breath so he let go of her. She panted heavily and their mouth was connected by a thin string of saliva.

Ria said in a very low tone, "Let go of me Jerk". He smiled at her comment and his eyes turned more darker. He kissed her again, Ria moved her body trying to fight him. Ren started to roam all over her body with his right hand. She stopped immediately.

She doesn't know anything anymore. He stopped his kiss and came to her right ear then said in a husky and seductive voice, "Atleast your body is true to me. Sweetheart, you are wet" Ria suddenly opened her eyes and found all the strength she needed to talk back.

She then shouted, "I agree! I will marry you! Let go of me, Please". Then tears came from her eyes. He was startled by her tears, he just wanted to tease her a bit. He stopped then stood up and said, "Dont go back on your words" and Went outside.

He was puzzled when he went out of the house. She have desire for him but she cries when he touches her. She can say whatever she wants but can't I tease her? He felt a bit bad, since she cried. He also thought, 'Did I take the joke too far? But we have done things, more intense before!'

Ria saw that he went out in frustration and let out a sigh. If she let him have his way, he would make this a habit. There is no way she can win him with words or fight. Only by crying he will stop, so she had to do it. She never felt bad for tricking him she thought, 'You deserved it, Jerk'.

But she had to marry him now anyway she will leave soon so she didn't mind it. She thought of sketching and looked for her book behind the pillow...

She rushed to the balcony and saw Ren boarding his car. She shouted, "You Jerk! Give me my sketch book!" He waved at her and his car drove out of the Mansion.

She cried out, "Ah!!!" and then she thought, 'You Idiot! You really know how to get on my nerves! Even though I cried y

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