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Ria was wearing lehenga, which is a three piece clothing. The dark red blouse covered her bosom leaving her stomach area wide open. At the bottom was a golden coloured straight long skirt. Over that, a dark red shawl of chiffon material was draped around her body loosely. Her dress highlighted her curves and she looked alluring to begin with.

As soon as they were inside the room, Ren's hands started to wander through Ria's body. Ren didn't give her time to react, she was short of breath and blushing because of Ren's touch. On Seeing Ria struggling and her eyes became teary he released her lips. She took in a deep breath but before she could release it, Ren's lips started to move along her body.

Soon he pushed her to the nearby bed and held her down. He didn't say any word to her but kept increasing his pace. Whenever Ria put up fight while he is making love he would bite at the spot his lips are. As a result she stayed silent and let her loose.

The one thing she couldn't deny was, he was so good at this, she is even willing to forgive him for leaving her the past 6 months.

When the deed is done he lied down next to Ria. She turned her head and glared at him. He chuckled and holded her in his arms, then kissed her in her forehead. He then whispered in her ears, "I missed you." On hearing these three words she teared up.

Ren looked at the girl helplessly and held her more tightly. She said, "I love you" He chuckled and gave her a kiss in her cheeks. Ria the pushed him away playfully and stood up, she felt her hips and lower part more painful. She thought 'this guy has really did it too much this time'. She cleaned herself up and put her clothes.

"So how is your family and those family members of yours?", Ren asked sarcastically. Ria felt the tone in Ren's voice but she replied with smile, "They are good and doing their own works." He simply replied with a "Hmmm" Before he could start something, Ria stormed out of the room wobbling.

Ren and Ria looked at each other, smiled, winked, even gave each others flying kisses from distance apart. After that day onwards, there relationship will be reinstalled once again or that how it is supposed to be. On that day's night after going to home, Ria found some patches of blood on her underwear.

She freaked out looking at it. She can't get pregnant at a time like this. So she told Ren about, but what can he do? He also has no idea about it. She surfed through the internet to look for the information. She became more frightened looking at it.

Then she decided to tell her elder cousin, Sylvia from her father's side. She is close to her from childhood. She gave Ria some advices about it. She also told her friend Ren about it, with those two girls help he was convinced that she won't become pregnant this time.

Ria even got her period next month. One day, Ria received a phone call from Sylvia's boyfriend, whom she used to address as brother-in-law. But they broke up, someho

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