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Ria pushed Ren forcefully, he didn't have strong foothold so fell from the bed. He was naked and so was she. She asked him, "You... What did you do to me?" Ren was angered by her actions.

He stood up and jumped on her. He pinned her down and said in a terrified tone, "Just because I am allowing you to shout at me, doesn't mean you have a upper hand here." She was shaken on hearing his voice. She didn't say anything and averted her gaze.

She asked him much politely compared to the last time, "What did you do to me?" He chuckled and said, "If something had happened last night, do you think you would have the strength to push me down?" Ria mumbled, "I am not that weak."

Ren heard her, he used one of hands to turn her chin towards him. Then he said in alluring tone, "Only one way to find out!" Then he kissed her passionately. Ria didn't refuse like the last time but she didn't kiss back either. She silently enjoyed his kiss and didn't acted like she didn't care.

Ren explored her mouth with his tongue and retracted his lips. He said looking into her eyes, "Your heart is beating like crazy, Sweetheart. We will see for how many days you will act this way."

(knock) (knock)

They heard a knock on the door, Ren was annoyed to hear it. He thought, 'I have to marry her soon'. Ria rushed to the bathroom with blanket around her. He smiled while looking at her run to the bathroom. He shouted, "Wait a minute!"

Then he got dressed and opened the door. The little ones jumped on him. He picked those two and swung them around. Lucy came with them, she noticed that Ria is not in the bed. So she asked, "Where is Ria?" Ren pointed his gaze at the bathroom.

She then asked him, "Is she fine now?" Ren nodded and answered, "She had a slight fever last night and shivered a lot even after switching off the air conditioner and closing the windows. Check her temperature later, she needs to eat first."

Lucy nodded and left the room. Ren was playing with the kids. When Ria came out, she heard the giggles of her children. Ren looked at the woman who he loves most in a towel wrapped around her body.

He have to agree, she maintained her figure very well. But she looked like she has lost some weight, he thought that last too. She was so sexy, he really wished the kids to be playing outside or somewhere. He went straight to the door and locked the door. Varun saw his father look at his mother without blinking.

He ran to his mother and extended his hands. Ria bent down and lifted Varun. Ren thought, 'Such a waste of beauty to be covered by the towel'. Varun looked at his father and smiled at him. Then he kissed his mother's cheeks. Ren understood what that guy meant by it.

Ren thought, 'You are officially declaring a war, don't come crying to me!' Ria was surprised by Varun's kiss. She was distracted by Ren's hungry gazes on her. When Varun gave her a kiss, she returned it naturally.

Diya was picked up Ren and he was walking to Ria. She asked Varun to change the atmosphere in the room, "Have you guys taken a bath?" Varun shaked his head. Ren with few steps from his long legs he came closer to Ria. Ria suddenly asked Ren naturally, "Can you help?"

Ria asked him to hide her embarrassment as she felt his presence closer. Ren replied without knowing for what to help, "Sure!" Ria then said with a smile, "Great! then here". She gave Varun to him and picked two small towels and another big towel.

She pushed him towards the bathroom and said, "There is toiletries for the kids inside. You also take bath with them. You have office, right?" He then entered the bathroom, she followed him and hanged the towels on the hanger and came out immediately.

As soon as she came out, she let out a heave sigh. Suddenly she startled by the kiss on her neck. Ren hugged her behind and said, "You are blushing darling and by the saw you look sooo sexy! Keep it up sweetheart we will soon have another child"

Ria released herself

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