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At Milan,

In the car, after Ria hung up the phone call the car was in complete silence. Emma didn't dare to turn around and ask Ria, what was the phone call was about. The little Varun and little Diya who was beside their mom was looking at her with eyes wide. They have never seen their mother loose temper this much. Ria was looking outside the window to control her emotions she didn't notice her kids who woke up a long time ago.

The Little guy noticed something and gave a look at his little sister then both of them moved to her mothers lap. Seeing her kids make a sudden move she let her guard down. A tear drop rushed from her right eye. Both clung to her and stood from lap while hugging her necks as tight as they could.

She was completely taken aback by their action. She couldn't help but hug them back and let go of some tears she held in. Emma in the driver seat pushed over, turned back and gave Ria a smile and patted on her head. On Emma's action Ria raised one of her eyebrows, Emma gave a awkward smile then both of them burst into laughter.

Emma started the car then she gave her two kids a heavy kiss on both of her kids forehead. They both smiled and returned her kiss. Emma soon reached Ria's apartment. Ria opened the door, she helped the kids out. Both of them wobbled their way to the lift. Ria took the files and her backpack then she stepped out of the car.

Emma said in a carefree tone while waving her hand, "Bye Boss, See you tomorrow. Dont forget the Dinner you promised for Milan Trend Awards." Ria didn't even turn back she simply said, "Park the car and come to my study. I have somethings to discuss." Emma is used to this she simply followed her boss's words. While the trio already entered the house when Emma boarded the lift.

Ria first switched on the heater as she entered the room. The temperature that day was 12°c, she always gives her kids a warm coat. She freshened herself and changed into house clothes and change the kids dresses too. The little girl was wearing a short sleeve frok of lavender colour with white stripes. The little guy was wearing a T-shirt and full pant of same pattern.

Both of them were wearing socks too. She was also wearing the same pattern T-shirt and a shorts. While Emma was using the restroom, she warmed some chicken soup. As soon as Emma came out she was handed over a bowl of soup. She was so happy with the soup and kept making noises of "Mmmm"

Ria fed her kids while she was also taking some spoons herself. After the soup, Ria went their bedroom and helped the kids sleep. After she tugged her kids inside blanket, she came out. Emma was reading the documents. Emma said, "I have read these two, I think you have to check the last two passages of the Silk fabric proposal....."

Ria didn't reply to her words but she interrupted and said, "I feel like going.... to India to visit my parents." Emma was stunned by her declaration. She practically jumped from her seat and asked her

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