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In Kozhaksi Mansion,

There was someone up early and working out in the Gym. Darron walked towards the gym, he heard someone working out. When he looked inside, nash was running in the treadmill. He asked cheerfully, "Looks like someone is up early!".

Nash didn't even turn around, he just showed his finger towards the inside compartment. As he walked in he saw someone working in Machine Fly. Even though he was the one who installed this gym and bought every equipment in here, its been a year since he last worked out.

At first he was here all the time, later as work started to pile on, the time he spent reduced. Then one day he stopped coming completely. Darron thought, 'Why the change?' Then he grinned because he knows the answer.

Ren stood up after sometime, then he wiped his sweat. Darron looked at him, his arm muscles were so plump, his chest muscles looked tight, his six packs had sweat running down, his V line was very clear. Darron swallowed some saliva and concentrated on his workout thinking 'never ever mess him'.

He thought, 'How does this guy hide his physique well in suit?'


At Raj Mansion, everyone was sitting in the dining table waiting for food. Ria just came to the table after shower. As soon as Ria came Damien asked the maids to bring the food. Lucy had no idea they were waiting for Ria. Ria winked at Lucy.

As soon as the food came, the maids started to serve the food. Most of them were Ria's favourite. There were dishes especially made for the little kids. Today Damien and Valerie gave bath to Varun and Diya. They wore normal home clothes.

Ria was wearing a T-shirt and shorts. Valerie was feeding the little kids. Damien looked at Ria who was enjoying her food. Emma was sitting next to Ria. She was also enjoying the food. Damien said casually, "16, 20, 23, Pick a date Rianna".

Ria replied while stuffing her mouth with food, "23, For What dad?" Damien smiled at her and said, "For your marriage with Ren". Emma's eyes widened, "----". Ria, "(cough) (cough)..." She choked on her food!

Emma gave a her a glass of water while lucy rubbed her back. Those three girls was also hearing this news now only. Emma left the party half way to her room, since she had a phone call from Milan regarding work.

Ria took a few minutes to gain her composure and then she asked angrily, "When did you prepare this daddy?" Damien replied calmly, "Yesterday night.... after you went to your room with kids". Ria said straight forwardly, "I don't want to marry him!"

Damien was the one surprised now, he asked anxiously, "Why?" Ria said him, "I dont want to, dad. Thats all I can say, don't compel me" Valerie was the one to speak now, she was angry too, "Just because we accepted you and your kids out of wedlock, doesn't mean you can do whatever you want!"

Ria said again, "I don't want to marry him, topic over" Valerie said with an annoyed tone, "Give me a good reason, Rianna". she smiled wryly and said, "It is simple mom, I hate him". Valerie smiled mockingly, "Then why did you give birth do his kids?"

Ria was tongue-tied, she stood up and shouted, "I won't marry that man". Then she walked straight to her room. Damien shook his head and continued with his food. Lucy sent Ren a message immediately.


In Kozhaksi main branch office, in the top 30th floor Right side to the lift was CEO's office and left side was conference rooms. In the conference room, people are waiting for CEO while he was in his room in spring season thinking about his wife and kids.

He thought of dropping by Raj Mansion in the morning but he had a video conference that he postponed yesterday.

He now misses his wife and kids so much. Ria's tempting lips kept appearing in his mind, then her sleeping face next to his kids.

Ren's assistant, Josh had told him twice about the meeting but Ren was in his wonderland. Josh came for the third time and said, "President, the meeting will start in 2 minutes".

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