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When Ren saw the photo, all the things he had for her collapsed. When Ria told him about Norwin. She was so vexed and so sad. He felt very sorry for Ria, he felt that he should take care for her more. The moment he saw the photo he felt the feelings that Ria told she felt about him were a lie. When he saw Ria sitting next to him smiling, that was his bottom line.

Ria was felt that she needed to remain silent as they were already in a fight. Ren was the first one to speak, but the thing he asked was about the photo. Ria didn't say anything about it, she was the one that faced the situation anyway.

But as Ria dragged the time, Ren felt he was being wronged. When Ren went to extreme display of anger, Ria explained to him.

But Ren was not in the mind to trust her anymore. They always fought for every single thing. The only difference is they had love in it. Ria felt, that love was nowhere to be found now.

Due to the mental pressure Ren gave her, Ria said to him on the morning of wedding reception that, "Don't disturb me, let me be happy for a while. Whatever you say Norwin is my family."

Ren lost his remaining senses. She let her go and never claimed back. The moment Ria realised that she lost him. She begged him, cried at him but he never turned back.

He replied her with a text message, "You are my first love, Ria. I have not displayed my affection to you like you did. But you were the women in my heart who was next to my mother.

I came to C city for the sole reason of being with you but you left me all alone. I was used to surrounded by people all the time, it may be my home or outside. You only came when you were alone more likely when your cousins were not with you.

It looks like you are the only girl, who I made her cry this much in this lifetime. I am also a human being Ria, I also get hurt, I also cry when it hurts. Yeah, I was ruthless to you. I am sorry for being like this.

I don't know to adjust with the mass. I don't know to lie about my feelings. I know I should be responsible for your virginity. But the moment you treated that B***ard as your family, it's over between us.

I feel like a stupid to feel angry for your sake. The words you said to me were all lies. You are good actor, Ria. According to you, all that matters is your family. I love you Ria, from the bottom of my heart. The moments I have spent with you is enough for the rest of my life time. Good Bye! Have a Happy life!"

Ria broke down on reading his words, she rushed to her dorm cried her heart out for a 2 months. After Ria went to her dorm, she never came home in the 2 months.

She became a zombie with swollen red eyes, dry lips, huge dark circles under her eyes, uncombed hair, worst dress combination.

Lucy knew about Ria's love story. Lucy respects Ren a lot, she tried to convince him but was stopped by Ria at the end.

Ria felt numb without him, she felt the reason people left was not others. She was the sole reason everyone left her, when Ren left she turned to being a corpse. The only things she did was kept drawing, crying, drawing, crying. Her friends would feed her once a day after struggle, which allowed Ria to stay alive. She became so thin in 2 months.

Her final year was about to start, she need to work as intern in some company. Her friends applied for her in three companies, in which her designs was selected in all the three. When her best friend Ren, lost her patience she snapped at Ria. She said to Ria, "This is the limit of my patience Ria. Get a hold of yourself, aren't you ashamed of being a coward?

If he said he doesn't want, that doesn't mean no one wants you. Lots of guys in our college would love to be your boyfriend. Get your *ss of the ground and stop crying!!!

Take a look at yourself first, it is horrible! Lucy, your parents, your teachers and us. All are concerned about you. I have made an appointment at the parlour get yourself up and go to 'Happy Bridals Collection

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