AlyonReini Celestial Saga: Exiled to Earth III
After successfully opening a portal back to Kirin's world, 20-year old Freyja reunites with her friends, in search for the remaining Celestial Guardians, to open the gates to the kingdom of the legends, Celestia. Along the way, she slowly transforms from human into a Celestial- mind, body, and soul, as she discovers the real reason for her exile.
YumimochiX Original Music Makes
This story has moved back to Wattpad. Realised it actually was a better fit for free-reading. WP links: /story/178036444-original-music-makes --- Original Music Makes is a web novel series centred around Duran Kita. He struggles to run a music club in an astringent high school. In I'm Kita Duran. Duran faces a whacky first day at his new school, Hotaka High, when...
Feng Yue Silent Crown
Description In this fantasy world, music and aether rules all. However, there is constant threat of demons and natural catastrophes. The most powerful men are musicians who use music, alchemy, and spells to safeguard their homes. A young man who just wants to find his father and know why his family was exiled, starts his journey of becoming musician – a journey that leads him to the crown of justice and glory. We are born of aether, grow under aether and die as aether. Awe of Aether! – Holy Code. 寂静王冠
Luni Dimension Breakdown
When dimensions collide, fuse and shatter. No rule exists The universes are mixed, the different realities, connected...what is real? what is imaginary? that's the question that will haunt down all survivors of this journey.

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