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The year 2018, The Illusory Emperor gave the world government an opportunity to help increase the capabilities of humanity in order to help defend the world against entities from other dimensions. Sad to say that the opportunity given was turned into a race of power. The Illusory Emperor was disappointed and did nothing at all as humanity set it's self up for destruction. Six years after. By a stroke...
Dark Blue Coconut Milk Night Ranger
Description After transmigrating into a weak noble body, Marvin discovered that he was familiar with the world, this was the game he played in his previous life and… Damn! He only had six months before the Great Calamity! As a former top player, he would obviously fight to save the world… Yeah, no. Time to plan and prepare for the upcoming events, better to use that knowledge to get ahead rather than fight with gods. Follow Marvin’s journey through this new world. 暗夜游侠

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